Cinode Launches Skills Management Newsletter

June 24, 2021 · Skills Management

Written by: Sofie Murphy

Cinode has launched a monthly newsletter aimed at leaders, managers, sales representatives and consultants who want to uncover the full value of Skills Management.

In knowledge intensive industries where the core business activity involves selling services based on  individuals’ sets of skills, it is surprising to see that many companies do not work with Skills Management in a structured manner. 

Each employee offers a unique set of skills, but the full value cannot be uncovered if business leaders do not know how to identify abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Without a structured strategy for working with the internal skill inventory, significant disparity arises between the market demand and the current capabilities of the workforce. The lack of insight into the skill inventory makes it hard for managers to allocate their resources in an efficient way. Access to the right skills at the right time is more crucial than ever, and businesses cannot afford to miss profitable opportunities because they failed to identify their collective knowledge. 

Skills Management is a trending topic in the industry, but there is still an evident knowledge gap. A quick google search shows articles regarding “top managerial skills”. However, Skills Management does not focus on “top skills”. Instead, it delves deeper into the understanding of your workforce and all of their skills, providing you with the tools necessary to further develop your employees and grow your internal skill supply moving forward.    

Cinode now wants to put Skills Management on the map. They hope that the newsletter will provide readers with the knowledge, insights and tools needed to take their Skills Management to the next level.

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Global Communication & Marketing

Sofie joined the Cinode team in the spring of 2021 and works with corporate communication and marketing. She has previous experience in prop-tech and startups, and is passionate about business development.

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