Partner. Your network of external skills.

Get access to thousands of partners/subcontractors. Strengthen your delivery capacity by building a network of partners and subcontractors.

With Cinode partner, you can find the right person for an assignment regardless of employment type. Notify and publish requests to find your next partner!

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Digitize your partner business

Structure your external partners, subcontractors, and requests. Grow your partner business with better collaborations and shorter lead times.

Match external skills

Simplify your business through seamless sourcing of skills, whether it is an employee, subcontractors, partner, or candidate.

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Grow with freelancers

Here you can build your network of subcontractors. Keep tabs on skills, history, accessibility, and activities all in one place.

Publish requests

Send requests to selected partners and subcontractors, or get access to hundreds of new companies and freelancers through the Cinode Network. You can also use the Cinode Network to create public pages with a click that is also visible in the Cinode Market.

”There will always be a need to find the right resource extremely fast.”

Sebastian Lind


Partner management

Invite your partners and subcontractors to become part of your ecosystem. Get an overview of all partner relationships that includes statistics and status indicators.


Package subcontractors in your CV templates. Subcontractors can then signal their availability and new experiences themselves.

Collaborate digitally

Ensure your partners and subcontractors are notified of a request that they respond quickly via their page. Collaborate more closely by sharing information about skills and availability directly in the platform.

Announce projects

Notify requests to selected partners and subcontractors or use the Cinode Network. Highly visible advertising for requirements profiles in which you can also add attachments and prices.

Match internally and externally

Mix your employees with partners, subcontractors, and freelancers in a project. Match projects with employees, sub-contractors, and partners.

Public roles

Create a public website about your request, share via Cinode Market, and on social media.

ADD-ONS, API and Integrations

Prices based on your size

Integrate Cinode with your other systems for a seamless digitized experience. With our add-on for skills supply, you have full control of all candidates and the recruitment process.

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  • SSO/AD
  • Calendar sync
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”Cinode is unique – it’s the first tool that combines all core processes in a consulting business.”

Transcendent Group