Still allocating key talent based on gut feelings?

Reduce costs with better resource management insights.

Optimize utilization rate

Increase profitability by ensuring consultants are always in the right projects. Maximize potential, reduce idle time, and delight clients.

Win more deals

Rapidly match consultants based on skills, availability, and ambitions to client needs. Accelerate turnaround and clinch more contracts with unmatched efficiency.

Minimize staff turnover

Ensure consultants are aligned with projects that fit their skills and ambitions, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing turnover.


”Information at your fingertips - keeping everybody up to date on the current allocation and sales position.”

Anders Lindberg

Sales Director, Omegapoint

Intelligent matching

Missed the perfect match? Our intelligent system effortlessly syncs skills, availability, growth plans, and dream assignments.

Streamlined resource planning

Effortlessly balance present projects with future opportunities. Gain insights on utilization across projects, teams, customers, and skill sets.

Instant Insights

Real-time reporting of utilization, capacity, revenues, and risks. Make data-driven decisions to accelerate growth.

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Loved by
our users.

Henrik Brusewitz

Sales Director & Cofounder Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"It's impressive how Cinode integrates resource allocations with sales data."

What do you like best about Cinode?

By using the resource allocation and resource forecasting modules you get sales statistics like revenue forecast and utilization forecast out of the box, this has proven to be very powerful for us.

Lina Säfström

Staffing manager Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

"Streamlining our processes regarding matching for customer requests and our utilization"

Cinode is a simple and user-friendly system, which gives us a good overview and an efficient matching process by being able to match with both employees, candidates and partners.

We can share all of our available consultant in different regions and countries all over the company, which can lead to more opportunities for our customers, and thus increase our hitrate and market share.

Jami Sjöblom

Director, Sales and Partnerships Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

“Cinode is the best solution on the market for consulting companies”

What do you like best about Cinode?

Planner view that's used for staffing planning and customer information management regarding what are the stages of sales processes.

Andreas Wall

Strategic Sales Manager Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Strong support in planning with a good visualization of booked and available employees and partners in an easy way.

The combination of easily visualizing the skills of all employees, partners together with a good overview of the deal pipeline and planning is strong. All in one platform.

Furthermore also a strong network of partners that are integrated where we have the ability to efficiently respond to deal requests as well as publish available expertise is strong.

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"The resource planning feature has greatly simplified our work"

Silo AI is the largest private AI lab from the Nordics with 240 AI experts.

"The resource planning feature has greatly simplified our work. Now we can plan better and get a much better overall perspective. The entire company can access the planning and understand it, instead of everything depending on a single employee."

Read the whole interview with Ela Arasola, Talent Acquisition Specialist and Jaakko Vainio, COO at Silo AI