API and integrations

Integrate Cinode with your other systems for a seamless digitized experience. Cinode has integrations to sync calendars with AD, SSO, Zapier, and an easy-to-use REST API. The possibilities are endless!

Easy to use REST API

Cinode has a well-developed REST API that makes it easy to build integrations with your other tools and systems. For example, you can integrate Cinode with your website, chat-client, accounting system, or time reporting system.


Active Directory and SSO

Connecting to your AD with User Provisioning makes it easy to add and remove users, control admins, and login information. SSO (Single-Sign-On) means that your users only need to log in once to access all their systems without having to think about new passwords. (See above.)

Integrated calendar sync

Cinode has complete integrations for all major calendar platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Google Calendar. Activation is done with a few clicks. Calendar synchronization is two-way, that is, whether you create a meeting booking via Cinode or through your own calendar, and you see the booking in both places.

Thousands of completed integrations via Zapier

With Cinode’s ready Zapier integration, you can connect Cinode to thousands of external applications including Mailchimp, Gmail, Slack, Teams, and other CRMs. Integrations are easily scripted via Zapier.

Cinode also has ready integrations to other platforms and systems. Contact us to find out more.

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