API and Integrations

Simplify your processes with our ready-to-use integrations. Connect seamlessly to a wide range of tools on the market, saving you both time and effort.

Connect us to your best tools

Create seamless workflows and enhance your daily operations.

Automate processes

Connect Cinode to almost any app you use, making process automation easy. Move and sync data between multiple apps, in one or both directions. Use ready-made connectors to set up triggers in one app that automatically start actions in others.

Easy to use REST API

Cinode has a well-developed REST API that makes it easy to build integrations with your other tools and systems. For example, you can integrate Cinode with your website, chat-client, accounting system, or time reporting system.


Active Directory & SSO

Connecting to your AD with User Provisioning makes it easy to add and remove users, control admins, and login information. SSO (Single-Sign-On) means that your users only need to log in once to access all their systems without having to think about new passwords.

Azure Active Directory

Google Sign In Services

Mail & calendar sync

Cinode has complete integrations for all major mail- and calendar platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Google Calendar. The synchronization is two-way, that is, whether you create a meeting booking via Cinode or through your own calendar, and you see the booking in both places.

Google Workspaces

Microsoft Office

Thousands of integrations via Zapier

With Cinode’s Zapier integration, you can connect Cinode to thousands of external applications including Mailchimp, Gmail, Slack, Teams, and other CRMs.

Some of our integrations

Inspiration from our customers!

Semcon - Create agreements that are automatically sent for signing to new sub-contractors.
“At Cinode, we work with our network of sub-consultants. The platform has a process for updating the status of a sub consultants from “candidate” to “accepted sub-consultant” in Semcon's network.

A new potential sub-consultant is added directly to our pipeline in Cinode. If the candidate moves on to the last step in “the pipeline signing", a Webhook is sent to "Node-RED" which initiates the next process in Visma.

An agreement is created and sent to the candidate in an email for signing. The signed agreement is then sent back to Node-RED, and then to Cinode. A signed agreement is placed on the candidate, which is then updated to “sub-consultant” in Cinode. ”

- Kjell Brandes, System Developer, Semcon
Castra - automated end-to-end process from lead to invoiced customers with the integration to PE Accounting
"Cinode and PE Accounting are essential puzzle pieces in our growth journey. Both platforms are vital for our continued efficiency.

The integration has enabled us to digitize and automate our processes - streamlining everything from presented CV to invoiced customer. This has resulted in a lot of time being saved, and we can now avoid mistakes that usually occur during the process, which simply leads to better profitability"

Elin Toft, CEO of Castra Group.
Omegapoint - Distribute tailored reports
“To quickly get a weekly overview of the consultants whose assignments are approaching the end date, a comprehensive list of skills, dream assignments and availability is sent out via email to our sales and team leads.

This increases our internal structure, our occupancy and our employees motivation. ”

-Roger Bille, Sales Manager, Omegapoint
Nexer - seamless process from sales, matching, and CV to a won assignment.
- Cinode and Lime are our daily tools for selling and delivering consulting services to our clients. These platforms make us more efficient, faster, and help us win more assignments. Through the integration between the tools, we now have a seamless process from sales, matching, and CVs to successfully winning assignments.

- We appreciate that the integration is "two-way." Whether you are a salesperson primarily working in Lime or a project manager working in Cinode, you will have all the information about the assignment in your daily tool.

Fredrik Sandin, IT Business Solutions Manager, Nexer Group.
AddQ - Receive Slack notifications when an assignment is approaching its end date
"The Cinode API enables automatic reminders that notify us when an assignment is approaching its end date. We collect information about the current assignment role, the consultant, the team to which the consultant belongs and the person responsible for sales for the assignment.

Reminders are then sent out, making the process of handling extended assignments and finding new assignments for our consultants, more proactive and effective. In the end, it leads to a higher occupancy rate."

GoToWork integrates Cinode with Mailchimp to automatically add new subscribers.
“When we add or update our customer contacts in Cinode, a subscriber is created in Mailchimp, which makes it easier for us to send out newsletters or build mail series. The connection is created via the integration platform Zapier. The integration saves us time and strengthens our internal process, as well as it makes communicating with our customers much easier."
Sync Vainu through Zapier with Cinode CRM to quickly create up-to-date customers profiles
“When we receive leads or prospects through marketing, we use Vainu to retrieve information and create customer profiles for our CRM. The connection is created through the integration platform Zapier. The integration provides us with up-to-date company data, making the prospecting process much easier for our sales team.”

- Johan Haeger, Sales Manager Cinode

”With a clear overview of all of our internal skills and ambitions, we can work in a closer and more engaged way towards individual growth.”