With our add-ons functions, you can customize your Cinode experience.

Recruit: talent recruitment is an integral part of your business.

Potential talent can effortlessly find you through various channels and apply directly on your website or be invited by you – all channels lead the right talent into the correct talent pipeline.
Onboarding is simplified and right from the recruitment process, candidates' competencies can be matched with relevant challenges. Create customized CVs already at the candidate stage to accelerate recruitments.

Active Directory and SSO

Connecting to your AD with User Provisioning makes it easy to add and remove users, control admins, and login information. SSO (Single-Sign-On) means that your users only need to log in once to access all their systems so they do not need to create or remember new passwords / without having to think about new passwords.

Integrated calendar sync

Cinode has complete integrations for all major calendar platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Google Calendar. Activation is done with a few clicks.

Calendar synchronization is two-way, that is, whether you create a meeting booking via Cinode or through your own calendar programme you will see the booking in both places.

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