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"Higher efficiency, utilization rate and increased profitability"

"I use Cinode on a daily basis. This is where I keep track of the upcoming assignments and all the details. The structure helps us work faster. we can easily match our consultants with the best-suited assignments. As a result, we have become much more efficient, and we have seen an increase in utilzation rate.

I like that we get an overview of all the data, our current status, delivery capacity, as well as we can produce forecasts that can be used as a basis for decisions. Governance and overview are essential for consulting companies. Cinode contributes to both higher growth and increased profitability."

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Maximize your sales and utilization with Cinode.

By providing both the sales and delivery teams with access to essential information about availability, projects, rates, skills, and CVs, our centralized platform streamlines the matching process. With Cinode, you may even be able to utilize available consultants from other offices, resulting in a higher utilization rate.

The platform significantly decreases turnaround time from request to signed deal, giving you a competitive edge and improving your chances of winning deals. The streamlined process allows you to answer more requests and increase your sales.

Cinode customers have seen an increase in their utilization rates of 2-6%

Say goodbye to administrative headaches

Cinode streamlines CV management, matching, searching, and skills management, saving your employees, sales team and managers valuable time and effort.

You can calculate the savings for your organization based on the number of consultants, the average fee, and the following formula: (Number of consultants * Average fee * 16) + (Number of non-billable employees * Average fee * 100).

Let Cinode handle the heavy lifting of administration, so your employees can focus on what they do best.

Quicker Onboarding

Cinode platform streamlines the pre-boarding and onboarding phases, giving your sales team access to crucial information about the skills, CVs, and ambitions of new consultants.

With Cinode, you can reduce the time it takes to onboard new employees, allowing you to get them up to speed and productive faster.

The platform benefits newly employed consultants too. With Cinode, they have access to more information about the company and their colleagues, making the onboarding process smoother and more efficient.

Grow your Partner business

The platform helps you streamline your partner and subcontractor network, allowing you to match assignments directly to employees, subcontractors, and partners with ease.

With Cinode, you'll gain access to thousands of other partners and freelancers, opening up even more business opportunities. You can even put your request on the Cinode Market, making it easier to find the right subcontractor for your needs.

Experience a 50% increase in your subcontractor business with Cinode.

More insights, engagement and happier co-workers!

With Cinode, everyone in the organization have a clear understanding of your colleagues' skills and experiences, making project collaboration more efficient than ever before.

Cinode not only boosts collaboration, but it also promotes a culture of learning and growth. With our platform, you'll be able to learn from your colleagues and their successes, allowing you to develop new skills and improve your own work.

What's more, with all of the data at your fingertips, you'll be able to make informed decisions quickly and confidently. Don't let indecision hold you back – let Cinode empower you to make the right choices for your organization.

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