Connecting a world of dedicated professionals

Cinode is a smarter way of running a consultancy. Skills become visible and opportunities are created, so that people and businesses can thrive. Our passion is to simplify the everyday life of everyone working in the consulting industry.

All of us at Cinode have been working as consultants, managers or in sales. We know quite a lot about aspects of our industry which can be simplified and improved. We have made it our mission to solve the challenges of the consulting industry.

We help you reach your full potential in the sales and delivery of skills.

Mission Statement

Sales, Delivery and Management – We promise to help you reach the full potential of your business by delivering outstanding skills management technology.

Employees, independents and partners – We promise to help you reach your full potential by expanding your reach and your skill set in a connected world.

We dare to think big and think global on our journey towards our vision...

Connecting the world’s supply and demand of skills.

Vision Statement

Together your way

We are a team. Freedom and creation is mixed with a great deal of independence. You know what you want to do, and we have fun when you share your thoughts and visions.

Cinode wants to be an enabler for your personal growth – we don’t work inside the box.

Shooting for the thought leader

We are moving fast in the consultant market arena. We love customer meetings, tech, SaaS, and we produce weekly content about the consultant business, blog posts, and whitepapers about the consultant industry. In return we get energy, inspiration, and new insights.

Transparency regarding knowledge and insights is shared by the entire team and provides everyone with fuel for the work to position Cinode as the company with the yellow leader shirt.

Mostly sunny

We set high targets and celebrate victories. We like testing and figuring out new solutions. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned, which leads to more insights and new opportunities.

We are fearless and accept these challenges!

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