Connecting a world of Skills


Connecting a world of Skills

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We are transparent in our treatment of customers and employees. We believe in the importance of having an open culture, being personal, and being the supportive ally that helps you to broaden and deepen your expertise. We’re the “good guys” daring to challenge the industry.

We’re warm, personal, and always available. Cinode helps you bring expertise into your business to help customers.

We want to encourage and challenge companies to transparently visualize the expertise they have in-house and externally. We enable companies to take control of their competence and enable the right talent to be matched with the right assignment.

We’re fearless and want to take on these challenges!

Together your way

We are a team. We mix freedom and creativity with a large amount of independence. You know what you want to do. And love collaborating on your thoughts and visions.

Cinode is an enabler of your personal growth – we don’t work inside the box.

Bigging up the thought leaders

We’re in the fast lane of the competence-tech arena. We love customer meetings, tech, and SaaS. We produce weekly content about the industry in blogs newsletters, videos, pods, and guides. All this gives us the energy, inspiration, and new insights that we love.

Transparency of knowledge and insights is shared by the entire team. We provide everyone with drive to position Cinode as the company at the head of the pack.

Occasional showers, mostly sunny

We set demanding targets and celebrate victories. We like testing and figuring out new solutions. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned, which leads to more insights and new opportunities.

We’re fearless and want to take on these challenges!

Our mission

We Supercharge Consultancies with Key Business Insights, by unifying Sales, Delivery, and Skills into a Single Platform

Our vision

The world’s best teams are created and connected by Cinode.