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 Cinode – hand coded in the   heart of Stockholm, Sweden. 

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E-mail: info@cinode.com

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Cinode AB

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We are Cinode!

Camilla Åhgren

Customer Success Manager

"The customer is the most important building block in our work. Together with you we are developing and learning to be even better. Therefore, we are always striving to work close to our customers with short contact routes."

+46 70-874 51 83

Mattias Loxi

Marketing/Sales (Co-founder)

"With Cinode platform, we really support easier and more effective collaborations between consultancies. It opens up new business opportunities.”

+46 73-514 21 70

Anders Hagberg

Sales Manager / CEO

"Curious customers and committed colleagues is a perfect blend making sales work fun. I have a lot of fun at work!"

+46 70-184 40 44

Michael Ljungqvist

Country Manager Finland

”Our customers become more efficient and increase their growth, so it is always worthwhile to offer Cinode.”

+358 400 23 7774

Adiola Clarke

Customer Success Manager

”I strongly believe in having a great customer focus where we really listen to our customers and partners. Setting common goals with the customer to quickly see ROI and that we at Cinode have an open dialogue and insight into how the product is experienced is extremely important.”

+46 70-891 07 88

Jonas Dahlsjö

Customer Success Manager

”My role is to always put the customer in focus and work close to them. In this way we can constantly develop our service and optimize customer value.”

+46 73-426 03 21

Julia Thelin


"I have previously worked as consultant manager and quickly understood the benefits of Cinode. I am passionate about helping our customers work more efficiently."

+46 73-860 00 30

Oskar Josefsson

Senior Developer

”We are developing a tool that link talents together within consulting businesses. Moreover Cinode are forerunners, both in terms of ideas, technology and design.”

+46 73-531 12 53

Mark Kantor

Business Developer/Product Owner

"Cinode have shown that enterprise applications can be really engaging, easy to use and create benefits for the entire company."

+46 70-570 39 99

Mikael Tell

Development Manager (Co-founder)

"Innovative solutions makes business life easier for both consulting firms and individual consultants. Everyone benefits from the new way of thinking."

+46 70-399 99 63

Johan Haeger


”Creating long-term relationships with our customers makes both them and us successful.”

+46 70-267 13 34

Hampus Karl Lagerberg


”Connect skills, business, partners and recruitment - Cinode”

+46 73-020 91 50 / +358 40 731 5071

Rania Haddad


”At Cinode I have had a great deal of responsibility after a couple of weeks. Every day I learn something new!”

+46 70-736 90 77

Lotta Berlin

Sales Executive West

"Together with the customers, I want to pursue partnerships and collaborations with additional levels. We will make it simple and smart.”

+46 73-376 43 66

Gregor Waldner

Sales Executive

"Working together with our present and future partners to build greater effect in a more and more skill based world! #demystifyyourskills”

+46 73-440 16 04

Martina Kind

Digital Marketer

"Cinode has an incredible product and I could not miss being on this trip. I want to contribute with my knowledge and experience and further develop.”

+46 76-814 00 55

Alex Ryberg


"Flexible working hours and great ownership create freedom, creativity and opportunities to grow."

+46 76-802 13 63

Andreas Turku

Senior Developer

”Constant improvements and the ability to test new technologies allows me to develop quickly!”

+46 73-554 14 57

Mark Starhill

Senior Developer

”My code was put into production on my first day. Quick feedback and fast delivery provide quality to our customers!”

+46 70-181 57 11

Fredrik Åstrand

Senior Developer

”Care for each other, committed employees and still a fun atmosphere is what characterizes our workplace!”

+46 70-490 22 96

Sanna Stenlund


”By working close to our users and always offering the latest technologies, we can deliver a high-quality service.”

+46 70-275 66 71

Alexander Inci

Development QA tester

"Trying to do something and fail is much better than not trying to do anything and succeeding"

+46 70-799 29 26

Joel Wahlund

Full-stack Developer

"At Cinode you feel welcome from the very first moment, and the classic low ceilings fit in well. Culture is bubbling with helpful and friendly colleagues."

+46 73-830 72 73

Erik Ellis


"It is not often that you come across a bunch of such passionate and inspiring colleagues as here at Cinode. It has been a pure pleasure since day 1."

Manal Nashef

Subscription Manager

+46 76-296 90 04

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