Supercharge your Consultancy.

Allt-i-ett-plattformen för effektivare och lönsammare konsultbolag.

Vem kan vad, vem är tillgänglig, vad kan vi sälja?

Cinode är allt-i-ett-plattformen som driver tillväxten i ditt konsultföretag. Det finns en anledning till att vi är förstavalet i Norden.

Svara snabbare på förfrågningar

Minska tiden från en kundförfrågan till presenterade konsulter från dagar till minuter med datadriven matchning och skräddarsydda CV:n.

Optimera beläggningen med nöjdare medarbetare

Använd datadrivna insikter för att optimera beläggningen och matcha medarbetarnas ambitioner med rätt projekt.

Utöka ditt nätverk och vinn fler affärer

Stärk ditt partner- och underkonsultnätverk med förbättrade samarbeten och snabbare ledtider. Öka din leveransförmåga och försäljning genom att hitta nya samarbetspartners i nätverket.

Transparens skapar synergier

Försäljning, leverans och kompetenser i ett gemensamt flöde säkerställer att alla i din organisation agerar utifrån samma information.

Koppla ihop Cinode med dina favoritsystem

Skapa automatiserade flöden som förenklar din arbetsdag och sparar dig oändligt med tid!

Loved by
our users.

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager, Production Development Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

"One system to rule them all"

Made by consultants for consultants, Cinode products are developed as an answer to our specific needs, processes and business.

The CV system makes our daily work more accessible and creates better business.

Margit Matsson

CEO, Small business (>50 employees)

With Cinode, we meet our customers with the right skills at the right time.

The system contributes to a transparent organization and to a reliable supplier and partner.

Cinode makes us more productive in our business and in our recruitment. We are faster and more efficient.

Henrik Brusewitz

Sales Director & Cofounder Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"It's impressive how Cinode integrates resource allocations with sales data."

What do you like best about Cinode?

By using the resource allocation and resource forecasting modules you get sales statistics like revenue forecast and utilization forecast out of the box, this has proven to be very powerful for us.

Vernisa Rejhan

Talent and Performance Manager Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"Cinode gives great possibility to streamline competence"

Cinode has really managed to develop an end-to-end service working addressing competence.

It gathers, structures, and visualizes competence, making it possible to connect it to individual competence growth plans as well as a higher-level competence planning och overview.

Anders Franzén

Senior Partner, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Cinode helps XLENT make faster and better business

We chose Cinode many years ago due to our need for a standard tool regarding branding, keeping track and displaying our competencies.

Cinode had and still has a user-friendly user interface that is easy for us to use, which gives us the best tool to make faster and better business.

By using Cinode we, XLENT, can live up to our internal strategies and meet our customer's demands regarding speed and business precision.

Helena Torhage

CMO, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"Smooth CV management and great overview of skills"

Using Cinode gives us great support throughout our CV process and both stylish and customized CVs for every sales opportunity.

We have chosen to display our consultants on the website, which works incredibly smoothly. Cinode also helps us get an overview of all the knowledge we have internally.

It is very clear that Cinode has been developed with the consulting companies' needs in focus

Jami Sjöblom

Director, Sales and Partnerships Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

“Cinode is the best solution on the market for consulting companies”

What do you like best about Cinode?

Planner view that's used for staffing planning and customer information management regarding what are the stages of sales processes.

Lina Säfström

Staffing manager Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

"Streamlining our processes regarding matching for customer requests and our utilization"

Cinode is a simple and user-friendly system, which gives us a good overview and an efficient matching process by being able to match with both employees, candidates and partners.

We can share all of our available consultant in different regions and countries all over the company, which can lead to more opportunities for our customers, and thus increase our hitrate and market share.

Mats Andersson

Co Founder / Co Owner / Sales Manager Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"It is probably the best CRM for the consultant business you can find"

What do you like best about Cinode?

It is designed for the consultant business. It supports the full sales, recruitment, and skill management processes.

Andreas Wall

Strategic Sales Manager Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Strong support in planning with a good visualization of booked and available employees and partners in an easy way.

The combination of easily visualizing the skills of all employees, partners together with a good overview of the deal pipeline and planning is strong. All in one platform.

Furthermore also a strong network of partners that are integrated where we have the ability to efficiently respond to deal requests as well as publish available expertise is strong.

Hugo Arkstedt

Business Development Manager, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

What do you like best about Cinode?

The best part about Cinode is that everything I need is in one place; Creating and downloading (nice looking) resumes, overviewing the sales pipe and other classic CRM features as well as administrating / contacting our subcontractor-consultant network with new assignments.

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