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Loved by
our users

Helena Torhage

CMO, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"Smooth CV management and great overview of skills"

Using Cinode gives us great support throughout our CV process and both stylish and customized CVs for every sales opportunity.

We have chosen to display our consultants on the website, which works incredibly smoothly. Cinode also helps us get an overview of all the knowledge we have internally.

It is very clear that Cinode has been developed with the consulting companies' needs in focus

Max Palma Kvissberg

Business Intelligence Consultant

"As a BI Consultant, Cinode streamlines both documenting projects as well as creating tailored CVs."

What I appreciate most about Cinode is its seamless ability to streamline documenting project experiences documentation and skill presentation.

As a BI Consultant, I rely on its user-friendly interface to effortlessly create personalized CVs, allowing me to make strong impressions on potential clients.

Moreover, its collaborative features provide a unique platform for my consultancy team to explore each other's skills and experiences, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and growth.

Sara Eriksson

COO, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

"Quick and easy resume management"

It gives a good overview on skills and it's easy to build and tweak resumes for different clients.

The ability to upload a resume when we get a new employee and convert it to fit the format that are used in Cinode saves us time.

Tanjina Feroz

Technical Tester, Consultant

A resumé can be set for a certain customer/project and irrelevant information can be taken off.

It offers quick features to add skills and competence which really assists a user to create useful content for the target organization/corporation. It also enhances transparency with key words and tools/ method/ strategies that companies are looking for.

This gives an overall structured format for consultant firms and even for individuals. It's hard to write a genuine attractive CV and extremely time consuming! Cinode takes off that extra weight off your back.

I also like how we have the option to look at other colleagues' profiles for motivation and inspiration. Sometimes examples help better than actual explanations.

Johan Sundell

Consulting Manager - Leadership & Change Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"Cinode is a key tool in our business"

Cinode make is easy to handle profiles in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Before using Cinode we would store profiles on word documents on a shared network disk.

There are many benefits in using Cinode compared to that, and for us the main advantages are that now we can easily update profiles without losing track of the "master" information, we can search for specific talents among all of our consultants and all our profiles follow the same format when exported.

Anders Franzén

Senior Partner, XLENT

Cinode helps XLENT make faster and better business

We chose Cinode many years ago due to our need for a standard tool regarding branding, keeping track and displaying our competencies.

Cinode had and still has a user-friendly user interface that is easy for us to use, which gives us the best tool to make faster and better business.

By using Cinode we, XLENT, can live up to our internal strategies and meet our customer's demands regarding speed and business precision.

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