Skills – are you on top of your most important asset?

Skills Inventory – the most important source for your competence development strategy!

In the consulting industry the core business activity involves selling services based on individuals’ set of skills. Nevertheless, it is surprising to see that there are still so many consulting firms that do not work with their skills inventory in a more structured manner. This is particularly important during times of market uncertainty, when there is a risk that the demand for various services suddenly will decrease.

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Certifications – creating a valuable asset for your company

Certification of your employees and company can be a valuable asset that paves the way for new customers, new assignments, and higher prices/rates. At the same time, certifications also entail an investment. Is it worth investing time and other resources in certifications? And what does your certification strategy, budget, and plan look like?

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Top Ten Important Sustainability Dates in 2021

Our work as consultants is to be one step ahead of the client. We should know what’s most important, when it will happen and what the consequences are likely to be. Aside from Covid-19, we are facing increasing climate challenges. These will be taking centre stage during 2021, both in policy work around the globe, in the media and in people’s minds, with increasing expectations on us to keep track on what’s happening, when and why. Sweco’s sustainability chief Mattias Goldman shares the most important dates for the coming year.

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Let your coworkers find their dream assignments!

Let your coworkers develop, thrive, and reach their full potential! Make it easy for everyone in the organization to describe their dream assignment to the entire company. Both in their individual profile and when matching coworker’s skills and personal aspirations with project staffing needs. Let your employees achieve their dreams!

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Trick or treat? Scary candies for consultants

When dusk comes, we see horror film classics such as All Saints’ Bloody Night, Pet Sematary, and The Shining. We stuff ourselves with an awful lot of sweets and make pumpkin lanterns. The children dress up as ghosts, witches, zombies, and vampires. It will be a welcome break in the autumn darkness.

Soon the Halloween celebration is here and it’s time to get ready for the door knocking tradition, which this year will certainly be limited as a result of the corona pandemic.

But no matter how your consulting company chooses to pay attention to holidays, we at Cinode want to share some tasty treats that every consultant longs for.

What do you choose, trick or treat?


Seamless sourcing – find the right skills regardless of employment form

Digitization is changing the labor market, which is leading to new ways of working. Competence is in focus while the form of employment becomes secondary. The right skills at the right time are the success factor. In the consulting industry customer requirements increase and become more and more complex.
To only rely on your delivery capacity means that you miss out on business opportunities. Today collaboration with subcontractors and other consulting companies are crucial to success.