Trick or treat? Scary candies for consultants

When dusk comes, we see horror film classics such as All Saints’ Bloody Night, Pet Sematary, and The Shining. We stuff ourselves with an awful lot of sweets and make pumpkin lanterns. The children dress up as ghosts, witches, zombies, and vampires. It will be a welcome break in the autumn darkness.

Soon the Halloween celebration is here and it’s time to get ready for the door knocking tradition, which this year will certainly be limited as a result of the corona pandemic.

But no matter how your consulting company chooses to pay attention to holidays, we at Cinode want to share some tasty treats that every consultant longs for.

What do you choose, trick or treat?


Seamless sourcing – find the right skills regardless of employment form

Digitization is changing the labor market, which is leading to new ways of working. Competence is in focus while the form of employment becomes secondary. The right skills at the right time are the success factor. In the consulting industry customer requirements increase and become more and more complex.
To only rely on your delivery capacity means that you miss out on business opportunities. In today, collaboration with subcontractors and other consulting companies are crucial to success.


Cinode strengthens the board with Petra Weslien from Truecaller

Cinode, the market-leading SaaS platform for competence and seamless sourcing, is delighted to announce the appointment of Petra Weslien to its Board of Directors. Petra, who is currently Chief People Officer/CHRO at Truecaller, brings with her a wealth of experience of rapidly upscaling tech companies, among other things from her role as global head of HR at iZettle.


Time People Group digitalizes with Cinode

Cinode is entering into an agreement with listed company Time People Group regarding the digitization of the company’s competence and CV management. The six specialist group companies will now have a common skills platform that provides increased growth and profitability.


Five operational recommendations to support the execution of your mergers and acquisitions strategy

In our previous interview blog-post we described some acquisition strategy trends in the consulting industry. But now, as we all know, a strategy is practically useless without right execution. Therefore, based on our findings from interviews with 34 respondents active in the consulting industry, we suggest five operational recommendations that will support you as an acquirer to make better decisions and develop the right process capabilities.


The modern strategic acquirer

Where to put the resources to be better-equipped post-crisis through corporate acquisitions?

The Chalmers students, Oscar and Emil, imposes that instead of putting resources on the traditional deal-initiation process where the buyer approaches the seller, the modern acquirer turns the tables and puts more effort into creating a reputation that attracts the seller to approach the buyer. In summary, the study suggests that if you want to create growth through acquisitions, you should market your consulting firm as an attractive acquirer and create a reputation through a vision that others want to share with you.

Read the interview below to find out more.


Cinode establishes subsidiary in Finland

Cinode is continuing to grow and is now establishing a subsidiary in Finland. With a newly recruited Country Manager on board, we are stepping up our work to help Finnish consultancy firms increase their growth and profitability using Cinode’s cloud service.


C.A.G Group invests in competence tech via Cinode

Cinode proudly welcomes the C.A.G Group. The listed IT consultancy group consists of nine companies and has 330 specialists within digital operations development, cybersecurity, systems development, testing and requirements, integration, operations and administration and training. C.A.G is now increasing its focus on skills management with the help of Cinode.