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Sep 06 2022 · Cinode

Be tomorrow’s winner with the Cinode App Store and API

Aug 25 2022 · Skills Management, Skills Management, Skills Management, Skills Management

Skills mapping – seven smart steps to make you successful

Aug 12 2022 · Referenscase, Skills Management

“Cinode makes it easy for our employees to follow all our internal processes, and they all get their say in the projects they’re assigned”

Sommarfest Cinode 2022

Jul 29 2022 · Uncategorized

Highlights from Q1 & Q2

Jun 29 2022 · Consulting, Consulting, Consulting

What dream assignments do your consultants have?

Jun 28 2022 · Consulting, Entrepreneurship

To successfully work with gender equality, quantitative and qualitative measures absolutely need to go hand in hand

Jun 15 2022 · Cinode, Cinode

Do you have the right skills for the future?

Jun 10 2022 · Recruitment

Elements of a successful recruiting strategy

Jun 09 2022 · Press releases

Cinode has entered a partnership with Lime to help consulting companies increase the efficiency of sales and delivery processes.

May 30 2022 · Economic Reports

2022 Q1 – Record margins and growth in the consulting industry

May 25 2022 · Cinode

Cinode Welcomes it´s first Finnish CS Manager – Ville Rantala

May 12 2022

How To Add Goals To Your Growth Plan

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