Is your network growing or stuck in old partnerships?

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Cinode Network

On-demand access to external skills

Get access to thousands of partners/subcontractors. Strengthen your delivery capacity by building a network of partners and subcontractors.

Spread the Knowledge

Avoid depending on a single person to remember everything about our partners’ skills and abilities.

Share information with trusted partners

Showcase availability, skills, and CV to selected partners, boosting response time

Present your company

Unlock new business opportunities! Showcase your services and connect with fellow consultancies.

Find new partners

Boost your delivery capacity with fresh partners and subcontractors. Collaborate seamlessly, sharing vital information directly in the platform.

Meet Client Demands with External Expertise

Send assignment requests to specific partners, subcontractors, or tap into the entire Network effortlessly. Use Cinode.Market to boost your message on social media in just a few clicks.

Loved by
our users

Andreas Wall

Strategic Sales Manager Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Strong support in planning with a good visualization of booked and available employees and partners in an easy way.

The combination of easily visualizing the skills of all employees, partners together with a good overview of the deal pipeline and planning is strong. All in one platform.

Furthermore also a strong network of partners that are integrated where we have the ability to efficiently respond to deal requests as well as publish available expertise is strong.

Hugo Arkstedt

Business Development Manager, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

What do you like best about Cinode?

The best part about Cinode is that everything I need is in one place; Creating and downloading (nice looking) resumes, overviewing the sales pipe and other classic CRM features as well as administrating / contacting our subcontractor-consultant network with new assignments.

Lina Säfström

Staffing manager Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

"Streamlining our processes regarding matching for customer requests and our utilization"

Cinode is a simple and user-friendly system, which gives us a good overview and an efficient matching process by being able to match with both employees, candidates and partners.

We can share all of our available consultant in different regions and countries all over the company, which can lead to more opportunities for our customers, and thus increase our hitrate and market share.

Henrik Brusewitz

Sales Director & Cofounder, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"Great how Cinode combines resource allocations with Sales data"

What do you like best about Cinode?

By using the resource allocation and resource forecasting modules you get sales statistics like revenue forecast and utilization forecast out of the box, this has proven to be very powerful for us.

"We get many more responses than before"

Forefront Accelerate, with around 150 consultants currently on assignments, switched from Excel to Cinode to manage its partner network and reach them with relevant assignment requests, as well as to keep track of their combined expertise.

The result? Many more subcontractors and partners. And most importantly, significantly more relevant responses to the requests, which means more business.

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