Company skills are gathered, searchable, and packaged. This is the transparent skills engine within the consultant company.

Employees can effortlessly update their own skills and experience, and they are presented in an attractive way. Engagement and participation increases throughout the company when colleagues’ skills and assignments are made visible.

Cinode streamlines our internal process for skills and employee management, enabling us to be quicker when we present the correct resumes to our clients.

This saves us a lot of time, especially for the many procurements we participate in annually. Also, clients appreciate our attractive resumes. To put it simply: it has made us better.

Erik Björhäll, CEO System Verification

All competence gathered and searchable

Search functions and clear dashboards provide management with a basis to act, both short and long term.

Skills inventory is always up to date and immediately available, making sales, procurement, recruitment, and development of competence easier.

Cinode enables greater cooperation in our entire supply chain. For instance, our Service Desk can now quickly and effortlessly search for expertise within our entire consulting organization.

It is much easier to create and maintain accurate consultant resumes for sales, resulting in us being faster when we respond to our clients.

Bo Sundin, Head of ITS Service Delivery, Ricoh

Professional and accurate consultant profiles

Within sales it becomes easy to create accurate consultant profiles. Choose relevant information for the resume, customize the text for the assignment, and use drag-and-drop features to highlight relevant projects and skills.

Publish profiles online or export to PDF or Word format.

We now have one competence account per consultant that we customize in order to create attractive consultant resumes for each assignment. With Cinode we are more organized and it´s easier to match skills to assignments.

Håkan Lindberg, Partner B3 Consulting

Stronger engagement in the company

Cinode has lowered the threshold to keep your experience updated and to ensure that everyone can benefit from it.

By presenting employees in an attractive way and by allowing them to search for the skills of their colleagues, transparency and engagement increases throughout the company.

Cinode is easy to learn and creates a holistic view of our skills and business opportunities. It is a convenient interface that supports development of both employees and new business opportunities.

Elin Brundin, Consultant Manager, Knowit

Competency Account

It is easy for employees to keep their experience and skills updated via web or mobile phone.

Consultant Resumes

Accurate consultant resumes are created from your templates. New skills are shown immediately, and updated versions secured. Publish resumes online or export to PDF or Word format.

Language Support

Create consultant resumes in various languages.

Skills Inventory

All your skills are gathered and searchable with synonym search, language support, and categorization.


You get an overview, control, and business support for Delivery and Sales when managing procurements and requests.


Cinode can be connected to and integrated with your other systems.



Present your company, connect to others and take part of public and private requests!

Yes its free!


The skills within the company gathered, searchable, and accurately packaged.

19.9 €
2-529.9 €
6-1079.9 €
11-15129.9 €
16-20179.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Get started

Skills + Business

Skills + Coordinated CRM and utilization planning.

149.9 €
2-599.9 €
6-10199.9 €
11-15299.9 €
16-20399.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Read more...

Skills + Business + Partner

Skills + Business + You and your sub-contractors and partners grow together.

179.9 €
2-5199.9 €
6-10349.9 €
11-15499.9 €
16-20599.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Read more...

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