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Identify skills and skill gaps, showcase your employees' past experiences, ambitions, and create growth plans.

With Cinode Skills, you can Seal a deal in seconds. Use the search function to find the right person for an assignment, create a custom digital resume, and send it to your client. All done in the blink of an eye!

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Make employees' talent visible

Let everyone show their skills, experience, and ambition. Enable transparency, participation, and personal growth in your company.

Gather and find all your skills

A world-class skills inventory and skill search. Simplify sales, procurement, matching, and skills development.

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Identify and visualize your skills gap

Define which competencies are needed for your specific roles and needs. With Skill sets, you will visualize your skills gap and get the right insights for upskilling, reskilling, recruitment, and partnership.

Create the right development plans

Make your employees' competence and development goals visible. Follow up on goals at individual and organizational levels.

Create professional CVs

Present individuals' knowledge professionally and accurately in your designed templates.

”With a clear overview of all of our internal skills and ambitions, we can work in a closer and more engaged way towards individual growth.”


Competence account

Employees can easily update their experience and skills via the web or mobile. Easily get started with our cv-import.


Create customized CVs based on your designed templates and languages. Publish online or export to PDF and Word format.

Competence inventory

All your skills and experiences are collected with synonym management, language support, and categorization.

Personal development

Create individual skills development plans. Let the employees describe their dream assignments and show which areas they want to develop in.

Powerful search

Search for competencies, levels, experiences, certifications, and education. With synonyms and filters it becomes easy.

Reports and Certifications

Overview, control, and business support for procurements and requests. See how your collective competence develops historically and make future forecasts.

Get started with Cinode in seconds

With the CV import, it takes a moment to bring in all the experience and skills in a structured searchable format. In addition, you can create new CVs with your own branding. We show you how it's done!