Sales and delivery not in sync?
What's the cost?

Unite business, projects, and staffing in a seamless flow.

Reduced Bench Time

Proactively assign consultants to upcoming projects, minimizing downtime and maximizing billable hours.

The speed you need

Streamline sales, delivery, and staffing on a single platform. Remove silos and ensure all departments are aligned and acting on the same information.

Perfect match

When sales knows a consultant's skills and availability, everyone wins: happier consultants, happier clients.

Much more than a CRM

Manage your clients, projects, roles, and talent effortlessly in one integrated view. Every interaction and piece of information, just a click away.

Seamless Pipeline management

Bridge the gap between sales and staffing by tracking potential projects and aligning them with the right consultant capabilities. Ensure efficient project delivery and maximized revenue.

Data-First Consulting

Equip yourself with sales metrics, revenue futures, and utilization analyses. Make confident, risk-averse decisions with all insights in one place.

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Loved by
our users

Mats Andersson

Co Founder / Co Owner / Sales Manager Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"It is probably the best CRM for the consultant business you can find"

What do you like best about Cinode?

It is designed for the consultant business. It supports the full sales, recruitment, and skill management processes.

Henrik Brusewitz

Sales Director & Cofounder Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"It's impressive how Cinode integrates resource allocations with sales data."

What do you like best about Cinode?

By using the resource allocation and resource forecasting modules you get sales statistics like revenue forecast and utilization forecast out of the box, this has proven to be very powerful for us.

Timmy Hedlund

COO, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Cinode suits our company perfectly.

Everything is scalable, and there are many options you can configure to suit your own organization.

The modules of recruiting, co-worker profile and the CRM itself is my key application, and I look into it every day. It really helps me to get my work done and reminds me if I'm supposed to do something.

The connection between Outlook and Cinode is also one of the best key features.

Margit Matsson

CEO, Small Business

With Cinode, we meet our customers with the right skills at the right time.

The system contributes to a transparent organization and to a reliable supplier and partner.

Cinode makes us more productive in our business and in our recruitment. We are faster and more efficient.

Andreas Wall

Strategic Sales Manager Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Strong support in planning with a good visualization of booked and available employees and partners in an easy way.

The combination of easily visualizing the skills of all employees, partners together with a good overview of the deal pipeline and planning is strong. All in one platform.

Furthermore also a strong network of partners that are integrated where we have the ability to efficiently respond to deal requests as well as publish available expertise is strong.

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