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With a clear overview of all of our internal skills and ambitions, we can work in a closer and more engaged way towards individual growth.


Centigo is one of Sweden's largest management consulting companies. They are experts in business-critical and cross-functional change management in a number of different areas.

With the help of Cinode, they have improved the overall transparency within the organisation, and gained a clear overview of their competence inventory and staffing situation.

"We always aim to allocate our employees to a project that feels meaningful for their own development."


"It's important that employees are not just allocated to some project. At Vincit, we always aim to allocate them to a project that feels meaningful for their own development.

To create a good basis for always improving our allocation process, we started using Cinode, that contains not only data about projects and employees' skills, but also:
💎 employee’s personal goals,
💎 plans for competence development, and
💎 what kind of projects they would like to work on. 📈

The transition to using a new tool can be painful, but I think better employee experience by improving the allocation process is a goal that always makes it worth."

Read the more about how Vincit using Cinode to develop their skills.

bild på fredrik från forefront under ett business case med Cinode

We get the overview and the strategic support we need to continue growing.


Forefront Consulting is a management and IT consulting firm with more than 400 employees and offices in seven locations that has grown organically at a rapid pace since start. Forefront Consulting uses Cinode as a tool to save time, support their consultants and as business support for strategic issues required for continued growth.

There will always be a need to find the right resource extremely fast.

For consultants it’s a challenge to keep track of and update their skills and present this in an attractive way in sales situations in order to win new assignments. As a sales manager, you often need to respond immediately to win a deal and be able to see who can the deliver the contracted services.

Listen to how the experienced management consultant Sebastian Lind, with experience from large global professional services organizations, consultancies in the Nordic region has used Cinode to simplify his everyday life.

Cinode has digitized our processes and made us more efficient.


XLENT with 500 consultants in 14 locations has grown by 15-20 percent with good profitability in recent years. Cinode has contributed to this development.

Thanks to Cinode, XLENT now has a fast and streamlined way to create attractive consulting profiles and a uniform way of calculating utilization, both at the unit level and for the entire company.


Information at your fingertips - keeping everybody up to date on the current allocation and sales position.


How do you work with resource planning in your consulting company? Excel?

Fast-growing cybersecurity specialist Omegapoint with Anders Lindberg Sales Director explains why they switched to Cinode to structure their utilization. We show how it works in Cinode.

Read more and see how resource planning works in Cinode..

"Cinode has really helped us see our project situation at a glance and react to changes quickly." -Erno Aapa, COO/co-founder

Polar Squad

Polar Squad offers consulting on rapid, scalable and reliable software development practices and cloud environments. Cinode has really helped us see our project situation at a glance and react to changes quickly.

We get a streamlined matching process both internally and with our partners


"Our employees and our skills supply are our most important assets. With Cinode, we can visualise our skills supply internally, which helps us streamline our sales and delivery processes. Now, we can quickly create professional consultant profiles, match our employees with assignments, and work more efficiently with our external partners"

Lars Kry, CEO Nexer - read more

Really intelligent skills inventory.


Berotec is a gig consulting firm with over 250 experts in technology, IT and leadership. With Cinode, they have been able to get everything from skills, consultancy profiles and recruitment in order. They have also been given a tool to present their skills and employees both internally and externally.

The skills inventory and competence search function in Cinode helps Berotec identify early challenges in deliveries and enables investment in training or recruitment in a timely manner.

Easier and more fun for everyone.


Our employees appreciate the social aspect and that they gain business insights. Available information on assignments and utilization gives us control. Skills, search and smooth packaging saves us time!

We are very pleased with Cinode. Implementation has gone smoothly and we are already seeing results in the way we get more imaginable individuals when we staff our projects.

Skills and business as a whole!


With Cinode we are able to achieve further development of our digitized work methods for the management of our skills and CVs. By structuring and visualizing our knowledge, we can simplify and support the collaboration and growth within our network-oriented organization.

Together with Cinode, we are now further developing our tools for the management and accurate presentation of the Group’s capabilities, something that strengthens our brand even further. We look forward to continuing the development of our partnership with Cinode.

Cinode saves time!

System verification

Cinode streamlines our internal processes for skills and employee management, enabling us to be quicker when we present targeted resumes to our clients. This saves us a lot of time, especially for the many procurements we participate in annually. Also, clients appreciate our attractive resumes. To put it simply, Cinode has made us better.

It is obvious that this tool has been designed by consultants for consultants


Cinode is a modern sales tool that also supports our employer branding. It is obvious that this tool has been designed by consultants for consultants, unlike our previous solution. The searchability, skills inventory, and possibility to create customized CVs are all functions that simplify our everyday work.

Our consultants are very positive about Cinode. In particular, they like how intuitive the tool is and how easy it is to get started. The easy-to-use skills search function makes it easier to find colleagues and improves internal communication within the company. We have developed a closer collaboration with our fantastic colleagues in Denmark.

Developing consultant's skills while simultaneously acting quickly on business opportunities.


We are now creating opportunities to further increase sales through a faster and better match between our customers' projects and our employee's skills.

Cinode interweaves our feeds for recruitment, skills development, and sales – and there is great potential in a holistic view. Our goal is to work long-term on developing consultant's skills while simultaneously acting quickly on business opportunities. This is what Cinode enables us to do.

Having everything gathered in the cloud is unbeatable.


Cinode helps us save a lot of time. The management team has all information at the touch of a button, such as following up on weekly meetings or for strategic planning. The ability to quickly match the right consultant to the right assignment is one of our success factors and we expect that the digitization Cinode enables will help us achieve our growth goals.

With Cinode we save a lot of time and get a professional result. We can gather, search and package our consultant’s competencies and match against their availability. Having everything gathered in the cloud is unbeatable.

All information gathered in one place.


Cinode provides everyone access to all information fast and effortlessly – there is great potential in getting a holistic view in a common workflow. This service increases participation among our employees. I specifically like the utilization overviews as they visualize our availability and our future business opportunities.

Better control and resource management.


We now have one competence account per consultant that we customize in order to create attractive consultant resumes for each assignment. With Cinode we are more organized and it´s easier to match skills to assignments.

Cinode is the first product designed according to a software company’s needs.


We have a long history of making some of the most demanding software products and services on the web. Organizing our teams and simultaneously growing our company has been a combination of manual work, planning, and spreadsheets – I kid you not! Cinode is the first product designed according to a software company’s needs. Other products are for different use cases or not suitable for us. Cinode’s product vision is aligned with our vision.

Cinode offers us a way to handle and visualize what our people are up to. Individuals can easily plan their work and present their skills and status to others instead of some centralized and cryptic spreadsheet circus.

Higher efficiency, utilization rate and increased profitability


"I use Cinode on a daily basis. This is where I keep track of the upcoming assignments and all the details. The structure helps us work faster. we can easily match our consultants with the best-suited assignments. As a result, we have become much more efficient, and we have seen an increase in utilzation rate.

I like that we get an overview of all the data, our current status, delivery capacity, as well as we can produce forecasts that can be used as a basis for decisions. Governance and overview are essential for consulting companies. Cinode contributes to both higher growth and increased profitability."

Read the whole interview with Pär

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