9 Ways AI is Impacting the Consulting Industry

June 7, 2024 · Consulting

Written by: Mattias Loxi

AI is revolutionizing the consulting industry, significantly changing how consulting firms operate and deliver value. 

Our recent webinar, “How AI Will Impact the Consulting Industry,” highlighted several key areas where AI is making a profound impact. 

Here are nine ways AI is transforming the consulting landscape:

1. The Rise of the Hybrid Consultant

  • Human + Tech: AI is blending human expertise with technology, creating a new breed of hybrid consultants who can leverage AI tools to enhance their work. Soon, all consultants will need to adapt and use AI in their delivery to remain relevant.

2. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

  • Automation and Better Data Analysis: AI automates repetitive tasks, allowing consultants to focus more on strategic and creative activities. It also provides deeper insights from data, enabling consultants to make more informed decisions and offer better advice to clients.

3. Transformation of Business Models

  • Value-Based/Fixed Pricing: When tasks can be completed in minutes with the correct data and prompting, the traditional time-based billing model will be disrupted. Value-based or fixed pricing, where fees are based on the outcomes delivered rather than hours worked, will become more common.

4. Building Structural Capital

  • Strategic Importance: As AI becomes more integrated into consulting firms, building structural capital—such as codified knowledge, best practices, and proprietary processes—becomes essential for maintaining competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

5. Skills Shift

  • Demand for AI Skills: There is a growing demand for consultants with AI proficiency. Firms prioritize hiring candidates with AI skills, even if they have less experience.

6. Optimization of Internal Processes

  • Streamlined Operations: AI, together with platforms like Cinode, optimizes internal processes such as sales, project delivery, CV, and client matching, leading to increased efficiency and top-line growth.

7. More Assignment Opportunities

  • Enhanced Matching: AI tools like Cinode’s AI-driven MailMatch improve matching and client interactions by quickly processing large volumes of email requests and finding relevant assignments efficiently.

8. Get the Right Data Output for Your Consulting Firm

  • By using AI and prompting with data on a platform like Cinode, you will have the opportunity to get answers in the format you need. For example, procurements for framework agreements that require specific formats can be very time-consuming. AI-driven prompting can solve this efficiently.

9. Innovation in Service Offerings

  • New Opportunities: AI drives innovation, allowing consulting firms to offer new and improved services, stay competitive, and attract top talent.

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To explore these insights in more detail and learn how your firm can leverage AI to stay ahead in the consulting industry, download our full webinar.

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By understanding and integrating AI into their workflows, consulting firms can navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by this technological revolution.

How Will AI Impact the Consulting Industry?

Mattias Loxi, Co-Founder / CMO

Mattias is one of the founders of Cinode. Now in Marketing and Sales - runs the most popular blog and newsletter "Veckans konsultnyheter" about the Swedish consulting Industry. Also runs the podcast "Konsultpodden as well as a lot of Speaking engagement. Add him in Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattiasloxi/

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