MailMatch: Upgrade Your Consultancy with AI-Driven Email Matching!

June 11, 2024 · Cinode

Written by: Mattias Loxi

Many consulting firms handle a staggering volume of email requests for consultants every single day. These requests flood in from direct customers, framework agreements, brokers, and consulting platforms.

Traditionally, managing, reviewing, and matching these requests to available consultants has been a time-consuming task. This often leads to missed opportunities as you also need to respond to clients quickly.

But that was before. 

Now, everything has changed.

Introducing the new Cinode MailMatch!

With AI assistance, Cinode automates the entire process, providing higher precision in matching and faster responses to clients, leading to more deals and higher utilization.

Instantly match high volumes of email requests with your consultants

Cinode’s AI extracts skills from emails, matches them to your consultants or subcontractors, and, if relevant, creates the assignment with all incoming information in a dedicated pipeline. 

No more wasted time on irrelevant requests.

Automatic Notifications and Comprehensive Reports

Receive notifications through platforms like Teams or Slack when a new, relevant assignment matches your consultants. Reporting is also automated, giving you easy access to data such as the number of incoming requests, qualified requests, and submitted responses.

Additionally, you’ll gain insights into which skills are in demand and to what extent. Discover emerging trends and determine how to address them through upskilling, recruitment, and external partners.

Higher Efficiency and More Business

Save time, achieve higher precision in matching with more candidates per assignment, and respond faster to clients—resulting in more business and higher utilization. Don’t miss out!

Interested in learning more? Book a demo today.

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Mattias Loxi, Co-Founder / CMO

Mattias is one of the founders of Cinode. Now in Marketing and Sales - runs the most popular blog and newsletter "Veckans konsultnyheter" about the Swedish consulting Industry. Also runs the podcast "Konsultpodden as well as a lot of Speaking engagement. Add him in Linkedin

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