“If you sell competence, you always need to be on top of how you develop your skill set”

How do you actually strengthen engagement within a large organization with 6,500 employees and how should you work to close the skills gap?

We have interviewed Ann-Louise Lökholm Klasson, President of Sweco Sweden, to find out how they work with these issues and how they view today’s consulting market.

The architecture and engineering consultant Sweco Sweden currently consists of 6,500 architects, engineers, and other specialists, distributed across approximately 50 locations throughout Sweden.

Ann-Louise Lökholm Klasson is the President of the company in Sweden. She emphasizes the importance of team leaders who work based on the company’s values. How they treat their team affects engagement throughout the organization.

– Team leaders are the strongest cultural bearer within the company. How they act towards their team is very important, she says.

How do you work to close the skills gap?

– If you sell competence, you always need to be on top of how you develop your skill set. During the pandemic, we have transformed a lot in how we work with skills development within the organization, says Ann-Louise.

Watch the full interview in the video below.

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Mattias Loxi, Co-Founder / CMO

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