Skills Management – 5 ideas to scare up your sales

November 3, 2022 · Skills, Skills Management

Written by: Mattias Loxi

Halloween is over now but there are many ways to up the scare factor. Consequently, we take this opportunity to share with us five smart steps in Skills Management guaranteed to “scare up” your sales and competitive power.

Skills Management helps you and your company manage, value, and develop your most valuable asset – the company’s collective competence. You get a clearer picture of your current and future market needs and current trends.

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Competence inventory

Digitalisation drives development in all industries and new market trends emerge quickly. To build up competitive power, every company needs to retain a solid grasp on their collective competence and how they should develop to meet future needs.

The first step in Skills Management is to draw up a skills inventory. Consequently, as a manager or executive, you can then answer such questions as; do you have a clear picture of the company’s overall competence? What does your skills gap look like? What skills do you lack now, and will need in the future? Only then will you become aware of potential skill gaps and the decisions management need to make to achieve long-term success.

Import your CVs and skills to manage your skills inventory.

Identify the skills gap with skill sets

In the spring, we launched the skill sets function to help your company easily keep track of your employee’s skills and how well they match specific requirements. In this way, you can quickly identify your competence gaps.

You can define the skills you need for each role within the organization. By using skill sets you obtain a clear overview of your skills gap and can analyze the current situation and what you need to achieve to move forward.

Define the skills required for each role. In this way you can make your skills gaps visible

A Growth plan helps you plan for future goals

Once you have a picture of your current competence supply, your competence gap, and the problems you need to solve, it is time to decide on a suitable strategy to close the competence gap.

A growth plan helps employees visualize their goals and communicate same to their managers and executives. Once you have a  picture of employees’ current skills, it becomes easier to see how they can achieve their future goals by means of upskilling and reskilling.

When you become familiar the employees’ current skills, it becomes easy to see how they can reach future targets.

Skills Management
När ni känner till medarbetarnas nuvarande kompetens blir det lätt att se hur de ska nå sina framtida mål.

Pipeline Management unleashes sales power

Visualize your business opportunities by working with customers, activities, projects and staffing in one flow. By using a common process for sales and delivery of skills we strengthen the company’s sales power.

To avoid time-wasting manual handling, we construct a common cover plan together with skills, tasks and sales to create new opportunities. When sales support is synchronised with the task and cover planning you can act quickly, work effectively and optimise staffing your project. In this way, you have the means to act quickly and can free-up sales power within the company. 

Using Pipeline Management you can work efficiently and map out your business opportunities – from lead to won assignment.

Skills Management
Using Pipeline Management you can work efficiently and map out your business opportunities – from lead to won assignment.

Recruit and Partner – decide on a future plan

To continue to collect market shares you need to grow continually. This entails keeping an eye on recruitment and on the competences you need to bring in externally. Analyse your competence prognosis. What skills do you need to recruit or bring in via external partners? Decide on a future plan.

Match up tasks – irrespective of type of employment

Do you need to contact your working partners manually when you can offer accessible talent? Are relations with sub-contractors and partners personally dependent? Strengthen your delivery capacity and gain access to thousands of sub-contractors and partners. Here you can match-up tasks irrespective of employment type and notify and publish enquiries.

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