Cinode strengthens the team with two Sales Executives

December 20, 2021 · Cinode News

Written by: Sofie Murphy

Ahead of 2022, Cinode is setting its sight on the global market and a broader target group. To ensure a continued high delivery capacity, they have strengthened the team with two sales executives – Amanda Boix and Tanja Johansson.

A successful match

Tanja Johansson has a degree in B2B sales and Marketing Automation. Before joining Cinode, she worked with sales at another Saas company. 

She has a broad background but extensive experience within the service field. 

– I like helping people in different situations. I want to support both individuals and companies to get better at what they do.

When I ask Tanja why she joined Cinode, she answers that the company’s values and development opportunities played a big part in the decision.

– After a superb dialogue, Cinode felt like the obvious choice. Early on, I felt that our values were aligned. They also understood my ambitions and goals, and how they could support me on my journey.  

Tanja describes herself as “a country girl at heart”. She likes to spend her time at home in the country with her partner and their “fur children.” She loves long forest walks with the dog, going out with the boat, and doing chores in the garden. She also has a substantial interest in horses. 

A fun fact is that she is 50 percent Sinhalese.

Attracted by the entrepreneurial feeling

Amanda Boix has an international background. She comes from a Swedish-Cuban family and has spent most of her childhood abroad due to her mother’s career as a diplomat. As a result, she now speaks four languages fluently; Swedish, English, Spanish and French. 

After completing her BAC in France (the French school curriculum), she went on to do her master’s degree in business administration in France.   

After completing her master’s, she spent 11 years in the recruitment field, working for three of Europes largest recruitment agencies. However, in recent years, she has shifted more towards sales-dedicated roles. 

– My strengths lie in business development and new market establishment, building relationships, and getting a foot in.

When talking about why she decided to join the Cinode team, she says that the entrepreneurial spirit strongly appealed to her. 

-I got a very positive first impression of the other team members. They are all highly committed, enthusiastic and ambitious, and want their SaaS platform to be at pole position. I also felt the company’s values align with my own. I quickly understood that this was a company that I could see myself enjoying working for in the long run.

Exciting growth phase 

Cinode has ambitious growth plans and aims to expand internationally in 2022. Amanda believes that her international background can be helpful during this exciting phase. Above all, she wants to develop her sales and consulting skills further.

– What I look forward to most is contributing to Cinode’s growth. Both by increasing the number of customers in Sweden, and potentially being able to contribute to their global expansion.

Amanda spends her free time with her partner and their 4-year-old son. She has an active social life and likes to spend time out in the countryside. Paddling SUP board is another one of her favorite activities.

Finally, what do you look forward to with us at Cinode? 

– I am very keen to learn from the best in the field and to be able to support our customers. I want to ensure that their way of working is as streamlined as possible with their strategic goals. Further, I look forward to working close to all skilled teams to take Cinode to the next level.

Global Communication & Marketing

Global Communication & Marketing

Sofie joined the Cinode team in the spring of 2021 and works with corporate communication and marketing. She has previous experience in prop-tech and startups, and is passionate about business development.

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