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Nov 05 2021 · Skills Management

Written by: Sofie Murphy

Make sure that your business grows. Develop your team individually and collectively. Matching the right person with the best-suited project. Keeping track of all the internal skills, ambitions, and availability. Keeping up to date with subcontractors, recruitment, and partners. Phew…Sounds exhausting, right? These are just some of the things that are on the to-do lists of COOs and CEOs. 

Not only is it a handful. It also gets harder when the necessary data relies on the manager’s short-term memory, several excel sheets, and face-to-face discussions. 

Managers don’t always have time to schedule face-to-face time with everybody, especially when the organisation is mid-size or larger. This means that not everybody gets the same opportunity to communicate their ambitions, goals, and needs. 

The amount of excel sheets also results in hours-on-hours of manual labour updating every sheet and analysing the data.

Managers need a platform where they can get all the information they need and where continuous updating relies on one person. Instead, the platform should be driven by all the employees. Empowering them to take charge of their individual and team growth.

This is where Cinode enters the Picture...

The core of “Show your skills” means visualising skills and showcasing your skills internally and externally.


The cinode profiles give management an indication of what each consultant wants to learn, needs to know, and what their dream assignments are. 

Managers are provided with the information needed to make the right decisions. Instead of sharing dreams and ambitions over dinner, and managers forgetting about it, consultants can showcase them in their profile. In that way, their most current goals are always on display. 

When the transparency regarding goals and ambitions isn’t reliant on face-to-face discussions and one person’s memory, everyone gets the same opportunity to make their knowledge and ambitions visible.

Transparency is of great importance as it is vital for personal development, motivation, and engagement. The more your employees feel involved in their growth, the more motivated they’ll be in the workplace.  


When skills are showcased externally, employees can connect with projects and business opportunities that match their skills and ambitions. Show your company skills to the market to attract more customers and partnerships!

It is crucial to package and present your skills and experiences in a high-quality resume in the professional service industry. The resume needs to reflect the requirements of the client. Thus, create a resume that is tailored to each assignment and client. The customer should instantly feel like your consultant is the best-suited consultant for them. Highlight the relevant skills and experiences, and hide things that are not relevant. And, of course, make it beautiful and appealing with a customised, branded template!

Corporate Communication & Marketing

Corporate Communication & Marketing

Sofie joined the Cinode team in the spring of 2021 and works with corporate communication and marketing. She has previous experience in prop-tech and startups, and is passionate about business development.

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