How to succeed with preboarding

Nov 16 2021 · Recruitment, Skills Management

Written by: Sofie Murphy

For a long time, you have been feverishly looking for the right individual for a role that is difficult to fill. Then comes the day when you finally find your dream candidate and you sign the agreement quickly. You’re the ultimate match and this just can not go wrong, can it? 

You plan the start for the new employee and everything feels good until you get that awkward phone call. During the notice period, the candidate has accepted a position with another employer.

You are back on square one. You question yourself: could this scenario have been avoided?

The competition in today’s labour market is fierce. Therefore, it is naive to assume that a signed contract means that you are in the safe zone. The probability that the offer will be weighed against others, or used in negotiations with a current employer, is high. Therefore, it is important to not take anything for granted.

Most companies have an onboarding process that begins the first day at the office. But the time before, ie between contract signing and the first day, is just as important. Successful preboarding has been shown to lower the risk of “rookie turnover”. Also, it saves a lot of time as administrative tasks can be completed before the new employee arrives.

Don’t be a stranger

Don’t be a stranger! Between contract signing and onboarding, make sure that you stay in touch with the recruit. Send them messages about updates and upcoming projects that might excite them, invite them to lunch and social events with the company. Show that you are looking forward to their arrival.

Add the recruit to your e-mail, Slack, and other communication channels early on.

Minimize any potential jitters

Introduce the recruit to the rest of the team before the first working day. A warm welcome prevents negative tensions, any nervousness, and paves the way for a pleasant start.

Skills Management skapar transparens

Cinode’s Skills Management platform ensures an efficient and successful preboarding. With the organisation view, the recruits can find all their colleagues, get to know them and their areas of expertise, before their first day at the office. In this way, they know from the very start who to ask for help when the need arises. The recruit can also display their own skills and experiences, which provides managers and other employees with valuable information about their new colleague.


Create a FAQ guide with answers to questions such ; What is the office dress code? What equipment is the employee responsible for bringing, and what does the company provide employees with? Does everyone on the team have lunch at the same time? Do most people eat out or bring a lunch box?

Do you want to read more about pre-, on- and offboarding?

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Secrets To Successful pre, on and offboarding

Corporate Communication & Marketing

Corporate Communication & Marketing

Sofie joined the Cinode team in the spring of 2021 and works with corporate communication and marketing. She has previous experience in prop-tech and startups, and is passionate about business development.

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