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April 28, 2022 · Cinode News

Written by: Sofie Murphy

Cinode has further strengthened its team with the recruitment of Jannicke Rinderud.

Jannicke has previously worked with customer and partner service in SaaS, as a training manager, team manager, and as Customer Success Manager. Her knowledge in the field and her CS expertise will help us take our customers’ experience to the next step.

Tell us a bit about your background and past experiences

– Throughout my career, I have worked with customer support and partner service in various business areas. Most recently, I worked as a training manager, team manager, and Customer Success Manager at another SaaS company. 

When I worked in sales management at a digital marketing company, my main focus was service and quality issues which required a deep understanding of the entire sales process. 

Why are you passionate about being a customer success manager?

– I love that the role has a clear focus on service, growth, and progress. Further, Customer Success teams are vital for companies as well as customers which adds even more value to the role.  

Customer service has developed throughout the years, and the role differs vastly from what it was 10 years ago. Today, the role is much broader and covers a broad spectrum of responsibilities to support the different functions and needs of customers.

Why did you choose to join Cinode?

– I think that the product and the team sealed the deal for me. 

Skills development is something that I’m truly passionate about so I found the product very interesting. My interest in skills development stems from a course in project management which focused on the future of the labour market. During the course, I found discussions around the knowledge and competence industry very interesting.

In the late 90s, companies started to think about how to strategically attract and retain skills, and how to work with competence development. Companies still battle these questions, but at a much larger scale due to increased employee retention and the pace of the labour market.

Cinode has created a platform that offers great support for companies around the world, and as we continue to develop the product, it will come to be of even greater value for companies that need to work more efficiently with their competence supply. I’m really happy that I get to take part in this journey!

Tell us a bit more about your personal interests and hobbies

– For me, nature is an inexhaustible source of power and energy. I love taking part in outdoor activities, especially different types of races or competitions. I like to challenge myself by trying out new things, and pushing myself to try things that are out of my usual comfort zone.

Global Communication & Marketing

Global Communication & Marketing

Sofie joined the Cinode team in the spring of 2021 and works with corporate communication and marketing. She has previous experience in prop-tech and startups, and is passionate about business development.

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