PE Accounting and Cinode help Swedish consulting companies grow faster.

October 21, 2021 · Cinode News

Written by: Mattias Loxi

PE Accounting and Cinode are now entering into a partnership to help Swedish consulting companies maximize their potential. 

Cinode makes it easy for consulting companies to match the right consultant to the right assignment. The partnership with PE Accounting will further support consulting companies in the Cinode app with automation that converts hours into money at the bank. 

The Corona pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation and development of Swedish companies, as shown by a recent survey by Novus. Many consulting companies have been forced to adapt quickly to new circumstances and ways of working. Changes that previously took several years to implement now happen within a few weeks. This forces consulting companies to review and automise processes and flows as possible.

– Cinode and PE Accounting are essential puzzle pieces in our growth journey. Both platforms are vital for our continued efficiency. The integration has enabled us to digitize and automate our processes – streamlining everything from presented CV to invoiced customer. This has resulted in a lot of time being saved, and we can now avoid mistakes that usually occur during the process, which simply leads to better profitability, says Elin Toft, CEO of Castra Group.

Streamlining the whole process, from lead to invoice.

With Cinode, consulting companies can audit their skills, gather all the knowledge, make the data searchable, and present it in a simple way. Further, their Assignment Management function and the digital matching of employees, subcontractors, and partners ensure that the right consultant is assigned to the right project. The integration to PE Accounting now means that consultants, projects, time reporting, invoicing, and profitability are all connected in one system.

– The consulting industry is one of our most important segments. We are incredibly proud of the partnership with Cinode, and that this will enable us to help even more Swedish companies to grow faster, with automation and integration as a catalyst, says Erik Skoting, Sales Manager at PE Accounting.

Cinode and PE Accounting have long had collaborations, and they both know how important it is to streamline the various processes. PE Accountings solution makes time reporting, invoicing, and follow-ups, more efficient.  

– Cinode integrated with PE Accounting creates a digitized and automated process

This helps consulting companies grow faster and become even more profitable, says Mattias Loxi, co-founder and CMO at Cinode.

The integration is created in collaboration with Data Boss, which also manages and sells the solution to ensure full support.

On 18:th of November at 12:00 we invite you to a webinar on how to streamline your business from lead to paid invoice. Sign up today!

Webinarie 18/11 12:00 Effektivare konsultföretag - sömlöst flöde från lead till betald kundfaktura

Mattias Loxi, Co-Founder / CMO

Mattias is one of the founders of Cinode. Now in Marketing and Sales - runs the most popular blog and newsletter "Veckans konsultnyheter" about the Swedish consulting Industry. Also runs the podcast "Konsultpodden as well as a lot of Speaking engagement. Add him in Linkedin

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