Growth plans

Where do you see yourself in the next one to two years? What are your goals and ambitions?

A growth plan can help you visualize your goals and communicate your goals and ambitions to your managers. With a concrete plan, you can also prioritize your time and take the necessary measures to be able to achieve your goals.

Personal growth is an ongoing process that starts from an early age. As children, we are open-minded and have a desire to learn, and we learn as we go. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose the love for learning as we grow older.  

This desire to learn and grow play a role in not only driving personal growth, but also a company’s growth. Expansion and innovation rely on new perspectives, new angles, and new skills.

Sometimes, we know what we want to learn but we don’t know how or when to start. That’s why we at Cinode have created our new growth plan feature.

Cinode Growth Plans

What is a growth plan?

With Cinode Growth Plans,  you can showcase your ambitions, set and track your goals.  This information can later be used as a basis for eg. one-on-one discussions with your manager/team leader. 

The Growth Plan can only be viewed by yourself and your manager/team leaders, so you don’t need to worry about any colleagues finding out about your grand masterplan of becoming the next Elon Musk of the IT department.

In your growth plan, you can add a competence goal or “other goals”. Competence goals are goals associated with your role, for example, “learn how to code Java”. “Other goals” can be any type of goal for the coming year, such as “developing leadership skills”, “getting a mentor”, “taking a leadership course”, etc.

What is a skill goal?

A skill goal is based on the skills listed in your profile. If you’re currently at level 3 as a “project manager”, and you want to level up to a 5, add it as a skill goal. Set a goal date and add notes so that your managers can track your progress. 

Track your progress

You can easily keep track of your goals and your progress! This way, both you and your managers stay up to date regarding your status and your skill levels. Transparency is key to personal growth as well as career development.

Conquer the skills gap with Skills Management

Global Communication & Marketing

Global Communication & Marketing

Sofie joined the Cinode team in the spring of 2021 and works with corporate communication and marketing. She has previous experience in prop-tech and startups, and is passionate about business development.

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