“There will always be a need to find the right resource extremely fast”

For consultants it’s a challenge to keep track of and update their skills and present this in an attractive way in sales situations in order to win new assignments. As a sales manager, you often need to respond immediately to win a deal and be able to see who can the deliver the contracted services.

Many consultants use Cinode to quickly adapt and show their most relevant skills and experience in a resume. Listen to how the experienced management consultant Sebastian Lind, with experience from large global professional services organizations, consultancies in the Nordic region as well as a gigging freelancer, has used Cinode to simplify his everyday life and become more efficient and successful in sales.

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Johan Haeger - Head of Enterprise Sales, Cinode

Johan Haeger - Head of Enterprise Sales, Cinode

Johan has extensive international experience within marketing, communications, sales and leadership. 7 years abroad in 6 countries has given him a strong passion for languages and relationships. Johan meets consulting companies daily with the goal of helping them become more successful. Time off is spent snowboarding, surfing, and hanging out with family and friends. https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanhaeger/

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