Succeed in the Nordic market as a Polish consulting firm

The Nordic market offers promising opportunities for Polish consulting firms and consultants with its strong economy, sophisticated digital infrastructure, and high demand for consulting services. However, tapping into this market requires a nuanced understanding of its unique characteristics. 

Firstly, the digital readiness of the Nordic countries is remarkable, meaning that Polish consultants should exhibit their digital proficiency and ability to aid Nordic clients in their digital transformation journeys. Furthermore, Nordic businesses place a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, providing a potential niche for consultants specializing in this field.

Secondly, the high-quality expectations from Nordic businesses necessitate Polish consulting entities to match or surpass these standards, possibly by enhancing certifications, staff training, and quality assurance mechanisms. In line with the prevalent flat organizational structure in Nordic companies, the consultants should foster a collaborative environment and engage stakeholders at all levels.

Nordic business culture values transparency

Communication also plays a pivotal role. While English is widely spoken, acknowledging the local languages will help foster stronger relationships. Efforts could be made to learn these languages or to collaborate with local partners for better communication. Additionally, Nordic business culture values transparency and trust. This calls for Polish firms to work towards building long-term, trusting relationships with potential clients, a task that could be facilitated by sharing testimonials, case studies, or offering trial consulting services.

However, challenges persist. The consulting market in the Nordics is mature with numerous established local and international players, which means Polish firms must carve a distinct identity to stand out. The differences in business culture and practices between Poland and the Nordic countries could pose potential challenges but can be overcome with effective cross-cultural communication and understanding. The high cost of living and doing business in the Nordic countries also warrants consideration when pricing services and planning expansion.

Nevertheless, despite these challenges, the Nordic market offers a wealth of opportunities, especially in the areas of IT, digitization, and sustainability consulting. By leveraging their strengths, and with a well-planned strategy, Polish consulting firms can successfully establish themselves in this promising market.

Cinode provides invaluable support and access to a broad network

Cinode, a leading B2B SaaS platform, offers numerous benefits to Polish consulting firms looking to expand into the Nordic market. Recognized for its excellence in skills and competence management, it provides invaluable support in various areas of the business to gain a competitive edge in today’s increasingly knowledge-intensive industry.

Firstly, Cinode offers access to a broad network of potential customers and partners, with over 5000 Nordic businesses represented on the platform. This substantial exposure facilitates Polish companies to engage and connect with these enterprises, opening the gateway to the market.

Improve the firms’ decision-making process

Moreover, Cinode provides insights into the current needs of the market, giving Polish consulting firms a competitive edge by enabling them to tailor their offerings to meet the specific needs of potential clients. This key market intelligence can improve the firms’ decision-making process and strategic planning, enhancing their competitiveness and overall business performance.

Another advantage lies in the facilitation of communication and relationship building. Cinode Partner allows the creation of alliances and partnerships with other companies and freelancers. This feature increases growth opportunities and allows firms to form a supply chain of external competencies.

Helps Polish consulting firms understand the Swedish business landscape

Additionally, Cinode offers a unique perspective into the Swedish market. It provides a platform that helps Polish consulting firms understand the Swedish business landscape better, thereby informing their market entry strategy. This information, coupled with Cinode’s ability to help firms package and showcase their skills, creates an effective starting point for them to demonstrate their potential to Swedish clients.

Cinode Business also helps companies connect their skills inventory with a powerful matching engine and resource management board, thereby visualizing the availability of resources for everyone involved – sales, delivery, and employees. This feature can lead to better resource allocation, increased project efficiency, and improved business outcomes.

Furthermore, the platform also includes an “Add-on: Recruit” feature that streamlines the recruitment process, making it clear and transparent. This feature assists in qualifying freelancers for potential partnerships, thereby optimizing operational and strategic growth.

Offers the possibility of integration with other tools

Lastly, Cinode also offers the possibility of integration with other tools using its API or dedicated integrations. This compatibility adds flexibility to the system and allows companies to enhance their workflow efficiency.

Overall, Cinode represents an excellent opportunity for Polish consulting firms to explore the potential of the Swedish market, initiate cooperation, and learn to operate effectively and successfully within it. By leveraging these benefits and features, Polish consulting firms can optimize their market entry strategy and set themselves up for success in the Nordic market.

Creates an exceptional opportunity for symbiotic business growth

In this rapidly digitizing world, the fusion of Swedish ambition and Polish talent creates an exceptional opportunity for symbiotic business growth. Poland’s rising prominence in the global IT landscape, fueled by its vibrant innovation ecosystem and high-quality services, is an invaluable asset for Swedish firms navigating the digital era. Simultaneously, Swedish companies bring their advanced market and environmental sensibilities to the table, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and practices.

At the crossroads of this transformative journey, H2B Sverige stands committed to bridging this geographical divide, aiming to connect Swedish ambition with Polish expertise. In this endeavor, we are supported by our strategic partner Cinode, a tool that enhances our operations, helps us manage skills and competencies effectively, and provides unique insights into the market needs.

A world of opportunities

As the CEO of H2B Sverige, my vision extends beyond the short-term objectives of cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. It is to foster a robust collaboration between these two dynamic nations, harnessing the potential of their respective strengths to help extend the landscape of IT and business consulting.

Our journey has just begun. There is a wealth of untapped potential, waiting to be discovered and leveraged. And as this exciting future unfolds, we invite you to join us. Step into a world of opportunities. Tap into the “Potential”.

For further reading, we recommend last week’s article Bridging the gap between Swedish companies and Polish IT talent.

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Guest blogger - Jacek Ziółkowski, CEO H2B Sverige

Guest blogger - Jacek Ziółkowski, CEO H2B Sverige

Jacek Ziółkowski is the CEO of H2B Sverige, an exciting Swedish (Stockholm) offshoot of a Polish parent company, with HQ in the lively city of Gdansk and offices in Warsaw and Tallinn. They offer a whole host of outsourcing services, from staff augmentation and team building to business and tech consulting.

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