Cinode has entered a partnership with Lime to help consulting companies increase the efficiency of sales and delivery processes.

June 9, 2022 · Press releases

Written by: Mattias Loxi

The new integration simplifies daily operations by helping managers quickly match consultants with the best suited assignments, based on skills, previous experiences and ambitions.

– We use Cinode and Lime for sales and delivery on a daily basis. The platforms increase efficiency and help us shorten lead times, which ultimately results in an increase in won assignments. The integration between the two has come to create a a seamless process, from sales, matching and CV to won assignments, says Fredrik Sandin, IT Business Solutions Manager, at Nexer Group.

Nexer Group are experts in digital transformation, with 2,000 employees in ten countries.

– We like that the integration goes two ways – regardless of whether you are a salesman and mainly work in Lime, or whether you’re are a consultant manager and work in Cinode, you get all the necessary information about current and upcoming assignments in one platform, Fredrik Sandin continues.

Lime Technologies is the market-leading CRM platform in the Nordic region and has 350 employees. The company has had great success, especially in the consulting segment, with over 7,000 customers.

– We are very impressed with Lime’s success and their CRM platform. Many of our customers already use Lime, so we’re very proud to now be able to offer our customers a best of breed product that supports a seamless processes, says Mark Kantor, product manager at Cinode.

Cinode is the market-leading platform in Skills Management, with tens of thousands of users in over 20 countries. With Cinode, users can identify, visualize and match their skills with the right challenges.

– Cinode has taken the lead in the consulting industry with their unique platform for competence, matching, CV and utilisation planning. Together with Lime CRM, we now help our customers to grow even faster with automation and integration as a catalyst, says Lasse Bergström, responsible for the consulting vertical at Lime Technologies.

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Mattias Loxi, Co-Founder / CMO

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