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March 31, 2023 · Consulting

Written by: Mattias Loxi

To keep your employees engaged is one of the toughest challenges facing today’s leaders and managers. One crucial aspect of success is building a sustainable corporate culture. Healthy values and clear visions streamline the entire operation and provide a compass for decision-making as well as in meetings with customers and partners.

To broaden our horizons, we look south to take the pulse of the Polish IT market and how they work with value creation.

Oakfusion is a small consulting company with a big heart for sustainable corporate culture and a focus on technical solutions that simplify the customer’s everyday life. The driving force is the passion for software development and the ability to create solutions that companies demand. For the past two years, they have also been supporting start-up companies with technical and business advice.

Since the company’s journey began in 2010, the Polish consulting firm Oakfusion has focused on value creation and building an organization with both technical expertise and the ambition to find optimal solutions to the customer’s problems.

Two years later, in 2012, the consulting firm was officially founded. Today, it consists of 40 employees and operates in areas such as automotive, financial solutions, user experience design, business software management, and legacy code fighting.

– Most of our clients are in Poland, but we also have some in Sweden and Germany – and one client in Kuwait, says Adam Matusiak, co-founder of Oakfusion.

– It’s exciting, a completely different type of market, of course. But the customer is well versed in the European corporate culture and how companies work here, which facilitates, he adds.

A higher purpose that strengthens the community

To stand out in the market and attract new talent, it is important to have clear visions. At Oakfusion, it is important to offer employees more than just a salary every month.

– Young people’s ambitions differ from the older generation. Some want to work for large companies while others prefer smaller ones, like ours. But all talents want to work on projects that have a significant impact on society and the world we live in, says Adam.

Building a clear vision with a higher purpose strengthens engagement within the company and serves as a guiding star.

Consulting company supports start-up companies

For the past two years, they have also been supporting start-up companies with both technical and business advice. They guide young talents into the IT market and help them avoid pitfalls, cut costs, and highlight value-creating strategies.

– Many lack previous experience in starting a company. The overall challenge is to understand the IT industry and how it works. It’s about building IT solutions that can be sold to the customer, says Adam.

Competence investment for future developers

He explains that the company also runs an education program for aspiring programmers. With the Talent Forge program, the company wants to invest in younger talents and strengthen their programming skills.

– We introduce young talents to the IT world and let them face challenges that professionals face every day, says Adam.

The education, which lasts for about seven to eight months, is free and popular with many applicants.

– Then it’s about finding individuals who are willing to learn new skills and invest heavily. We are well-known in our field – many want to work with us and have heard about the program. Right now, we’ve paused it, but we might start it again in six months.

Investing in supporting young talents is important during the current recession, even if polish IT market has not yet been hit as hard as many other countries, according to Adam.

– Right now, IT business are going well. But of course, it can be a challenge for young people to enter the job market. At the same time, more expensive senior people are not that attractive anymore. Companies are now more cost-conscious and want to cut costs.

Can you raise prices during inflation?

– Since the beginning of the year, prices are about the same. We don’t notice the inflation much yet. But the market is very dynamic and prices went up quickly before. Previously, we have had to adjust prices from one month to another, which we have never done before. Maybe it will get worse during the next quarter, and then we may need to adjust prices again.

Finally, what are your future goals for the company?

– Since the market is constantly changing, it’s difficult to predict what the future will hold. But we’re focusing on expanding into new technology areas and finding new customers. We’re also focusing on networking, exchanging knowledge, and finding new partners. It would also be great if we could increase our revenue by 40 percent by the end of the year, if we can wish for it, says Adam.

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