Enhance transparency: Sysart showcase their skills and CV’s on their website

February 10, 2022 · Cinode News, Consultant resumes, Consulting, Skills Management

Written by: Kimmo Kärkkäinen

Are you looking for a senior full-stack developer or perhaps a Scrum Master? What if you could find the CV and the asking price of a suitable talent easily on the web, and you could select the consultant that suits your requirements straight away?

Vahvistus.fi is an open web service created by Sysart and its partner network where customers can search for consultants based on competence, work experience, location, amongst other parameters. The website is powered by Cinode’s talent management system, which enables easy management and updating of consultants’ CVs.

Vahvistus.fi and Cinode bring consultants’ CVs to the web

Vahvistus.fi went live in the spring of 2021. The service is a result of Sysart’s vision and desire to enhance transparency in the process of hiring consultants.

“Traditionally, the process of hiring consultant for ICT projects entails the following: a customer tells you about the project, and somebody then tries to find the best-suited talents in their network. We want to market all our experts and help them bag their dream assignments. Consultants love variety and enjoy working on various kinds of projects. By showcasing their dream assignments and ambitions, we can help them find the perfect projects.” says Heli Järvenpää, Marketing Manager at Sysart.

Vahvistus.fi is an ecosystem of experts, ranging from Sysart’s own consultants to partner companies and freelancers.

The Cinode platform has been extremely helpful for us. We can quickly and easily present our experts to our customers, form more prominent teams, and propose projects to freelancers” Järvenpää states.

The process of hiring consultants becomes much more efficient, less time-consuming, and transparent for everybody involved.

“Vahvistus.fi makes it easier for all parties involved in the process. Customers’ can instantly see consultants that are available and pick the consultants that they are interested in. When customers contact us, they usually already know the competencies that they need for the project and any requirements. When they can quickly find and book a consultant, they stay one step ahead of negotiations.”

The consultants’ CVs are listed (anonymously) in the database, and the consultant can update their data themselves.

Openness and anonymity bring equality among consultants. The service does not favour consultants at the expense of freelancers; instead, the customers get to make their decisions entirely based on the CVs. Pricing is also totally transparent.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback with regards to the overall transparency. Freelancers can see exactly how much we charge for their services and the commission that is deducted”, says Järvenpää.

Tailored integration: web service supported by Cinode’s CV management tool

The first version of the expert database was a simple WordPress-based page, where the data of Sysart’s consultants were presented anonymously.

When partnering companies asked if their experts could also be included in the website, Sysart knew that they needed to update the site’s infrastructure. Sysart was already familiar with the Cinode platform and immediately identified them as a great integration partner.

“Cinode has many great features. Freelancers and consultants can manage their own profiles. There are several CV templates and various ways of sharing them with potential customers and customers. The platform also has a search engine and multilingual support. All of the mentioned features make consultant management a breeze. Further, Cinodes open interface enabled an easy integration process with our website”, says Matti Korttila, Senior Software Designer 

“We used Crisman to help to design the website user interface. We built the mediation layer between the UI and Cinode ourselves with AWS Serverless Framework and Node. It is tasked with searching data from Cinode and putting it into a format compatible with the user interface. The website UI was created as a responsive web application with React and TypeScript.”

Korttila and Järvenpää praise the speed and smoothness of the integration and development process. It only took six months to get the website up and running.

“Cinode enabled fast testing and saved us development time. Thanks to it, we quickly tested whether there would be demand for the service.”

Järvenpää and Korttila are pleased with the cooperation with Cinode.

“There were no significant challenges in the development work. At times, we have had very high-flying ideas, but the Cinode team has always listened and been open to discussions. Of course, not all ideas can become a reality, but there has always been room for discussions about development possibilities. We have a strong belief in Cinode’s service and their continued development.”

Cinode always embraces new ideas on how their talent management system can be put to use.

“Today, partner networks are an essential part of business and corporate talent management. It is an honour for us to be a part of this project, and it’s exciting to see how Cinode can be used as a “network engine”. The Vahvistus.fi project has offered many new development possibilities in the ICT field. It is rewarding to see how intelligent systems and interfaces can come to create new business opportunities”, says Michael Ljungqvist, Country Manager Finland, Cinode.

On the 3rd of March, Kimmo Kärkkäinen (Sales Executive, Cinode) will be hosting a webinar together with Petri Mäenpää (CEO & Co-Founder of Sysart) – “Miten johtaa asiantuntijatyön muutosta ja kasvua? Verkostoitumisen ja läpinäkyvyyden vaikutus”. Sign up today!

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Kimmo Kärkkäinen - Sales Executive, Cinode Finland

Kimmo Kärkkäinen - Sales Executive, Cinode Finland

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