“Cinode makes it easy for our employees to follow all our internal processes, and they all get their say in the projects they’re assigned”

Wunderdog is a premium consulting agency bridging the gap between business and digitalization in Helsinki, Berlin, and Málaga. They were founded in 2014, and today, they have 170+ consultants working with customers to deliver sustainable projects and results

Wunderdog uses Cinode to create consultant resumes and to match consultants with customers and assignments.

Wunderdog offers a range of consulting services, from design and technology to strategy and execution, and their expertise in the field is highly regarded by clients such as Sanoma, Rovio, and Smartly.


With business growing at a rapid rate, Wunderdog quickly realised that their tools for managing talents for assignments and projects were not filling their needs anymore.  The lack of advanced features and the difficulty of maintaining their own system for managing consultant resumes, project pipelines and delivery, resulted in data being scattered in different systems, and hence, it often became difficult to update.

This meant that processes such as resource allocation and utilisation, and sales, were extremely time-consuming. Furthermore, matching the best suiting consultants for customer assignments was both time-consuming and difficult without a clear overview of the existing skills. Processes such as recruitment planning and the procurement of teams were also affected by the lack of knowledge about their skills supply and skills gap.


Wunderdog has been using Cinode Since December 2021 and about a hundred employees actively use the platform. They are in the early phases of the implementation process, but they have quickly come to find great value in the features such as matching consultants with customers and assignments.

“Cinode serves all our needs for skill management, resumes, and assignment planning all in one tool.” – Miki Wiik, COO & Advisor at Wunderdog

The managers at Wunderdog keep track of skills and key competencies in Cinode, which helps them quickly and efficiently match their consultants with the best-suited assignment. With a digitalised matching process, they can ensure that they match top expertise with the right projects, and challenges, which ultimately boosts the quality of their services and high satisfaction amongst their employees. 

“We aim to be as transparent as possible, and we want to involve our consultant in the process of finding the right assignments. 

Now when we can manage all aspects of our daily operations in one platform, it is easier for our employees to follow all the internal processes, and they all get their say in the projects they’re assigned. The increased transparency has definitely contributed to heightened engagement amongst our employees.” – Olli Wirpi, Consultant at Wunderdog

The procurement of teams has further been aided by the skills overview. Now, Wunderdog can put together optimal teams with complementary expertise and skills, which has led to more efficient and more motivated team constellations.


In the next coming months, Wunderdog wants to re-iterate and continue to shape its way of using Cinode. They hope to further enhance the transparency so that they can provide their consultants with even more information about the possibilities, assignments, and growth opportunities they have on offer.

They are also looking into expanding their usage. Some of the possibilities that they see moving forward is using cinode to cover all parts of their internal processes.

“Most of the learning and skill development happens on actual customer projects, so I’m very interested to see how we can help experts find just the right projects for their ambitions: for instance, using Cinode’s individual Growth Plans to tailor a list of recommended projects to work on.” – Kimmo Kärkkäinen, Sales Executive at Cinode

Enhance transparency and heighten engagement with Skills Management

Global Communication & Marketing

Global Communication & Marketing

Sofie joined the Cinode team in the spring of 2021 and works with corporate communication and marketing. She has previous experience in prop-tech and startups, and is passionate about business development.