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November 23, 2023 · Consulting, Entrepreneurship

Written by: Mattias Loxi

One Group has experienced fantastic growth in recent years and is at the top of Konsultkollen 2023. Additionally, they were recently named Sweden’s best employer by Universum. We contacted the company’s co-founder and CEO, Mattias Matsson, to learn more about the journey to success.

When Mattias Matsson and Erik Jonsson founded One Group in 2018, their stated goal was to create a workplace that employees never want to leave.

– The most fundamental aspect of succeeding in that is to create a culture where we are kind, so it feels like you are working with friends and not just colleagues. We have also attracted very exciting clients and challenging tasks to ensure long-term sustainability, says Mattias.

In addition, they offer a salary model that promotes work-life balance. Work-life balance is highly individual, and through the company’s salary model, employees have complete freedom to manage their own time and compensation.

– In comparison to ‘classic’ salary models, we are currently averaging 42 percent higher compensation with the same level of security.

“Kindness” is highly valued among your employees and candidates. How does it shape the company culture?

– We are incredibly meticulous in all our recruitments. Early in the recruitment process, we discuss being kind and what it means to us. We care about each other, we help each other, and we share knowledge, but above all, we have a lot of fun together.

Topping the charts in Konsultkollen 2023

The company has experienced fantastic growth in recent years and is at the top of Swedish list Konsultkollen 2023. So, what is the reason for this success? A combination of several factors, explains Mattias.

– We have incredibly skilled managers who have overall responsibility for our IT specialists. They are responsible for recruiting the right employees, finding assignments, and then being the person’s closest supervisor. We also make sure to do things together frequently, ranging from after-work events to overseas conference trips.

– Furthermore, our local presence tremendously strengthens our brand. We are located in 15 different cities across Sweden, focusing on both private and public clients. The goal is to have 35 offices in Sweden within three years.

“The most valuable asset we have is our employees”

The company’s employee turnover is extremely low, which, in itself, is not surprising given their recent recognition as Sweden’s best employer by Universum. However, the question remains: how have they managed to attract and, above all, retain top talents in such a competitive field?

– We haven’t invested significant amounts in marketing. The absolute best way for us to grow is through word of mouth, meaning satisfied employees and customers who are pleased with our services. This, in turn, results in them speaking highly of us and providing warm recommendations. When our employees recommend kind and talented individuals whom we can then recruit, it becomes a bit of a self-playing piano.

What sets One Group apart from other IT consulting companies is that their employees have a significant influence and freedom in their work.

– We have competent and skilled managers in the organization, but IT consultants choose their own compensation, whether they want to work remotely, at the client’s site, or at any of our offices, and most importantly, how much they want to work. Our most valuable asset is our employees, and we continuously strive to ensure there are exciting and enjoyable assignments, as well as many fun activities for us to do together.

How do you view the market now and in the coming year? What are your goals for 2024?

– I strongly believe in significant demand for our services and employees. I know that many other companies have struggled with the utilization of their employees. However, we have a utilization rate of 98 percent and are therefore looking to hire more employees in all the locations where we operate. We will be opening offices in more places, both in Sweden and abroad. The future looks bright, and our journey, both within and outside Sweden, has only just begun,” concludes Mattias.

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Mattias Loxi, Co-Founder / CMO

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