Redeploy Group expands the offer with data and AI services and aims for Nordic expansion

November 8, 2023 · Consulting, Reference case

Written by: Mattias Loxi

Redeploy, Evolate, and Reinsight merged last spring. Together, they form a comprehensive Cloud group in the Nordic market with the ambition to enter more countries. The companies are strong both in terms of growth and profitability.

They believe that a crucial part of their success is keeping track of their resource utilization. For some time now, they have been using Cinode in their daily operations.

– We looked at various tools but settled on Cinode. We see a great value, especially in resource planning and the ability to share expertise among the different companies, says Risto Lavett, co-founder of Redeploy.

Stockholm-based Redeploy was founded in 2015 by Risto Lavett and Jonas Erikson, with the intention of supporting companies in their journey to the cloud.

– We quickly noticed that there was a gap in the market when it came to Cloud expertise, and Microsoft was a good partner that we chose to collaborate with. We specialized in the Azure cloud platform, and it also became part of our success concept, says co-founder Risto Lavett.

Accelerating growth

The affiliated company Evolate was founded in 2021, focusing on the AWS platform, which expanded Redeploy’s existing offerings in cloud services. This marked the beginning of what is now Redeploy Group. Together, the two companies, with approximately 50 employees, have successfully delivered solutions in infrastructure, platforms, application layers, development, and operations for both Microsoft Azure and AWS.

To accelerate growth, they decided last year to involve Standout Capital as a partner.

– We are good at running companies but wanted to bring in more expertise on how the company could grow at the pace we wanted. That’s when we also started looking at acquisitions to be able to offer more areas in the portfolio, says Risto.

“We complement each other”

Redeploy and Reinsight got to know each other about six years ago. They worked together on some joint projects and showed mutual respect for each company’s journey. Earlier this year, Redeploy Group finally merged with the data specialist Reinsight.

– We complement each other very well. Where Redeploy ends, we begin, explains Daniel Levin, CEO of Reinsight, with about 40 experts in cloud-based data analytics, decision support, and AI.

Growing faster and broader

Redeploy Group has an aggressive growth strategy with the ambition to expand into new markets outside of the Nordic region. They are accustomed to working on complex projects, and many of their clients are large enterprise companies. By working cross-border and leveraging their combined expertise, the companies aim to secure their position as the obvious choice in the Cloud industry.

High profitability with strong growth

In Konsultkollen 2023, Redeploy and Reinsight made it to the top lists, especially when it comes to profitable growth.

– As a specialist company, we’ve been able to maintain both the right prices and high utilization rates, as the demand for our services has been extremely high. Additionally, we’ve had low overhead costs; for example, many of our leaders are out on assignments. We will focus even more on growth in the coming years while maintaining continued profitability and delivery, says Risto.

You’ve been using Cinode for a while now. Why did you choose Cinode?

– Previously, we used Excel for resource planning. One reason we’ve had good profitability is because we’ve had strong utilization and good control over it. But last year, we felt it was becoming a larger operation with more people involved.

We needed to get better at sharing the view and sharing expertise across the companies. We looked at different tools but settled on Cinode. We especially like the resource planning in Cinode, for having a shared view and keeping track of where we stand, says Risto.

The idea is also for the platform to make it easier for the sales team, who may not know in detail the skills of all consultants since several companies have recently merged, and there are also new employees joining continuously.

– Then they can simply search for it in a database and quickly get an overview of the specialized expertise of everyone in the company. It’s also great for consultants to easily build their customized CV, says Risto.

Even though they have used the platform for a limited period, they are already noticing positive effects in their daily operations.

– We get a better understanding of the situation and who knows what within the companies. We see a great value in the utilization- and planning part of Cinode, says Daniel.

How was it to get started with Cinode?

– We think it has worked very well. The collaboration has been smooth, and we get quick responses.

Finally, what are your future goals?

– We aim to find new areas and offer more, and above all, the right services. Things will happen, that’s for sure, concludes Daniel.

Caption: Risto Lavett, co-founder of Redeploy, and Daniel Levin, CEO of Reinsight.

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