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October 31, 2023 · Consulting

Written by: Jarkko Åström

At Consultor, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier expertise services in various domains such as knowledge management, project management, system development, and information security. Our aim is to provide exemplary solutions, partnering with the best in the industry, to our esteemed clients.

Collaborative Efforts for Comprehensive Solutions

Consultor isn’t just a standalone entity; we’re a part of a larger IT ecosystem. By collaborating with subcontractors, we expand our horizons and make the most of shared expertise. This collaborative approach means we’ve become a vital client to numerous IT firms and budding entrepreneurs.

Our synergy with Finnish companies in a fiercely competitive global arena showcases our commitment to local partnerships. United in purpose and mission, our successes amplify manifold. 

Fostering Partner Relationships

A cornerstone of Consultor’s strategy lies in our partner network. This network’s growth and nourishment play a pivotal role in our operations, and as part of my responsibilities, I ensure we’re always in sync with both our newer allies and our long-standing partners. Moreover, our steadfast commitment extends to our workforce, ensuring that everyone, from employees to network entrepreneurs, operates in a safe and nurturing environment.

About 18 months ago, I began my journey with Consultor. It was the firm’s unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with its deep-rooted expertise and captivating client engagements, that drew me in. Today, my role is twofold: nurturing our partner ecosystem and spearheading complex client projects. One such testament to our capabilities was the swift rollout of a financial and HR project for a wellness region in 2022, exemplifying the heart of what Consultor stands for.

Our Specialization: Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is one of Consultor’s hallmark specialties. We empower our clients with robust data management solutions, offering top-notch data warehousing and reporting using a plethora of BI technologies.

Our focus remains on gathering, analyzing, and presenting data in a coherent manner, ensuring our clients’ success across diverse domains like web services, enterprise systems, e-services, and beyond. To further our mission, we’re actively broadening our network, scouting for software development maestros, particularly those proficient in Microsoft Power-BI.

Embracing Cinode for Enhanced Competency Management

As we stepped into 2023, we integrated Cinode into our operations, primarily to enhance our competency management. We were especially impressed with Cinode’s offerings, particularly its partner network and proficiency profile management features.

Regardless of market dynamics, Consultor’s trajectory has always been upwards. With an increasing pool of developers in the market, the challenge and necessity to pair the right talent with appropriate needs intensify.

With Cinode, we can efficiently conduct skill searches among our existing workforce. For Consultor’s staff, our skill development objectives are defined, monitored, and reviewed through Cinode.

Guest blogger - Jarkko Astrom, Managing Consultant at Consultor Finland

Guest blogger - Jarkko Astrom, Managing Consultant at Consultor Finland

Jarkko Åström, Managing Consultant at Consultor Finland. Jarkko is aexperienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Internet industry.

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