This is the shared workspace where your deals, deliveries, and skills are connected. Here you act quickly on business opportunities in synch with the resource management.

All skills and all availability are visualized for everyone involved – sales, delivery, and employees.

We get more business and higher utilization rates.

The time from business opportunity to assignment has decreased from days to hours. The match between skills, assignments and availability has become smoother. With Cinode, we get more and faster business, which increased our utilization rate by several percent.

Anders Franzén, Senior Partner, XLENT Consulting Group

Coordinate sales and delivery

Sales activities (CRM) is coordinated with assignment and utilization planning. Sales and delivery work transparently – from business opportunity to a closed deal and staffed assignment.

Using Cinode’s visual planner and sales pipelines, you act both in the short and the long term. Here you will find all reports for the sales and management group meeting, online in real-time.

Cinode provides us with current data for everyone involved, increasing collaboration and reducing internal lead times – from request to response. Cinode helps us cut down on administration and become more streamlined. This makes us more attractive for our employees and customers.

Fredrik Olofsson, Sales Manager, Forefront Consulting Group

The right consultant for the right assignment

Cinode helps you find the right individual for the assignment. The matching feature gives you suggestions for appropriate employees, but also sub-contractors, partners, and candidates depending on skills requirements and availability. Work proactively by preliminary booking one or more individuals per role early on in the process.

We are very satisfied with Cinode. On-boarding has been smooth and we can already see results in terms of getting more potential individuals when we staff our projects.

Mattias Kjellberg, Chief Operating Officer, Softronic

A clear view of utilization

Assignment and utilization planning make management of complex solutions easier. By using the “heat map”, an overview that shifts from red to green, you get a quick overview of future predictions and where in the organization you need to focus your sales efforts.

Cinode provides everyone access to all information fast and effortlessly – there is great potential in getting a holistic view in a common workflow.

This service increases participation among our employees. I specifically like the utilization overviews as they visualize our availability and our future business opportunities.

Erik Fredriksson, Managing Director Sofigate Sweden

Win more business with your Case Studies

Use Cinode to build Case Studies and show how you have solved your customers challenges.

We are now creating opportunities to further increase sales through a faster and better match between our customers projects and our employees skills.

Carl Johan Bernadotte, Sales Director/Vice President Lexicon-IT Konsult

Pipeline Management

Manage your business opportunities efficiently and with a great overview, from lead to closed deal.

Resource Management

Gather all information about the assignment in one place.


Define included roles in the assignment and match to employees, candidates, and sub-contractors depending on their skills and availability.

Utilization Forecast

You always have access to utilization levels for the individual, your teams, and your company. Use the forecast view to learn which team is “in the red” and where you need to focus your sales efforts.

Utilization Planning

Provides you with a quick overview and control of potential and booked assignments. This is for planning of both resources and complex solutions.

Customer Management

Client overview with assignment history, contacts, notes etc.

Case Studies

Build and handle your Case Studies. All searchable.


Cinode can be connected to and integrated with your other systems.



Present your company, connect to others and take part of public and private requests!

Yes its free!


The skills within the company gathered, searchable, and accurately packaged.

19.9 €
2-529.9 €
6-1079.9 €
11-15129.9 €
16-20179.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Read more...

Skills + Business

Skills + Coordinated CRM and utilization planning.

149.9 €
2-599.9 €
6-10199.9 €
11-15299.9 €
16-20399.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Get started

Skills + Business + Partner

Skills + Business + You and your sub-contractors and partners grow together.

179.9 €
2-5199.9 €
6-10349.9 €
11-15499.9 €
16-20599.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Read more...

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