How to hit your goals for 2022

Feb 02 2022 · Consulting, Skills Management

Written by: Amanda Boix

2022 is in full motion and many companies have started to set their goals for the year. Whether it be increased revenue and client intake, reduced staff turnover, increased employee satisfaction, recruitment, transparency, and commitment, it is important to work smart and think about HOW your goals and ambitions can be achieved – and maybe even exceeded.

A lot of consulting companies are experts at helping companies and organisations digitize various processes and implement systems. However not all seem to address the digitisation question in the same way internally. We often hear several consulting firms still use systems such as Word and Excel for CV management and assignment planning. In some instances, they may use a CRM system to keep track of their sales pipeline, perhaps even a site for employer branding and recruitment, or a self-developed system. But in many cases, we realize when having an ear to the market that there is a lack of a basic overall structure to monitor key figures for the everyday challenges that consulting companies should keep a close eye on.

As stated by our guest blogger Maria Hansson, digitalisation strategist and senior consultant in sustainable digital ecosystems at Solita, “consulting companies have a responsibility to take the lead in sustainable digitisation.”

So what exactly is it that we at Cinode support our customers the most with?

Support daily processes

Cinode has helped multiple companies, in industries such as IT, technology, and management consulting, further develop their business, operations, and network. All with the end goal of optimising delivery capacity. Our customer base ranges from very small to large organisations, and we have seen an increased demand for Skills management amongst these companies. What we hear is that the main reason why they need Cinode is because of the platforms ability to increase utilisation, delivery, and efficiency.

The HR-perspective

Those who work in the HR and recruitment industry know the value of digital processes, and how they can change a company’s entire corporate culture. We often hear from customers that what the Cinode platform also came with is the possibility to create more transparent processes which in its turn has heightened internal engagement. 

When companies start to grow and expand their operations, it becomes even more difficult to keep track of all the consultants and skills within the company. Having consultants spread out on various assignments and different locations makes it even harder for managers to stay up to date with consultants’ wishes and ambitions. It is this part of organisation’s operations that Cinode helps digitise. By enabling an increased knowledge of the skill supply it helps managers to fulfill their promises with regards to their personal growth, which in turn contributes to increased staff satisfaction. An important aspect in this very competitive market. 

Ask yourself the following questions; in which areas do your consultants want to develop? What do they want to learn? Do you know of areas they are passionate about and dream assignments that would specifically motivate them? If you’re not able to answer these questions, Cinode could definitely be a supportive tool.

Empowering people

The consequences of high staff turnover, and especially losing senior expertise, can be detrimental for any company. To lower staff turnover, companies need a solution so that employees feel like they get to be an active part of their daily work and personal growth to a greater extent.

Building a solid foundation

Knowledge-intensive companies often stumble across projects that require external expertise. In order to close the skills gap, companies need to further expand their network of partners and subcontractors. Regardless of the situation, Cinode can help companies connect with talents regardless of employment form.

Further, Cinode gathers all processes under one same platform. Seamless integrations can also be created, connecting the platform with existing systems, such as time reporting or payroll systems. Covering everything from lead to a signed deal and paid invoice. Altogether, this minimizes the time spent on administrative processes, as well as it streamlines work processes that add extra value for your employees and for your customers.

The year 2022 has already begun. Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Do not hesitate to contact us at Cinode to discuss how we can support your business depending on the challenges you face and the goals you have set for this year.

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Sales Executive

Sales Executive

Amanda joined team Cinode as a Sales Executive in the winter of 2021. She has previous experience in recruitment and HR cloud services and is passionate about helping companies streamline and digitize their processes. LinkedIn:

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