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December 30, 2017 · Consulting

Written by: Sofie Murphy

If you are a consulting manager or have your goal set on becoming a manager, it is always good to keep track of what others in the same position have for a salary.

The median salary for managers in Sweden.

Ledarna, Sweden’s management organization, have compiled statistics on the managers’ median and average salaries for the last quarter of 2010. In Sweden, the median salary for a manager was SEK 45,500.

Consultant Manager Salary – Higher than the median

For a consulting manager, the salary level is obviously much higher than the median salary. The consulting manager’s salary can also be compared with the IT manager, the development manager, and the sales manager, and even against these groups, the consulting manager’s salary is equal or better.

Area ChiefManager (higher level)Manager (Mid-level)
Computer, consulting and surveillance72 500 KR71 000 KR52 500 KR

Source: Ledarna Lönestatistikrapport 2017. The salary includes the fixed and variable share of the salary, as well as benefits.

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