10 Ways to Improve Your Consultant Profile

February 21, 2018 · Consulting

Written by: Birgitta Möller

Birgitta Möller, a professional CV-writer at cvhjälpen.nu, shares her best tips for writing a good consultant profile

  1. If you do not have the habit of gathering ALL your work experience in one single document – you definitely should. We can call this document your resume bank. You can view this document as your bankroll where you can withdraw relevant qualifications when you need them. You should also have the habit of being detailed when you describe the assignments you have completed. Describe the skills and qualifications you needed to successfully complete the assignment.
  2. Make an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Ask four to eight trustworthy people (friends and previous colleagues) from all phases and areas of your life to answer important questions: What do you think I am best at? How would you describe me to other people? What do you think I should get better at?
  3. Analyse the responses. Perhaps the responses will help you figuring out what kind of assignments are best suited for your talents and strengths?
  4. Make a list of the kind of assignments you enjoy best and the kind of assignments that are further down on your wish list. What are you passionate about? What kind of assignments do you find joy (or difficulty) in doing?
  5. Start your consultant profile by writing a summary of your profile where you promote your most important skills. Keep it short, 1-3 skills is enough. What do you want the employer to remember after having read your profile?
  6. Writing eloquent (and comprehensible) headlines and using a clean layout/structure is an easy way to give a great first impression, and it will make your consultant profile easier to read.
  7. The employer wants to get a feeling for if you have the right experience and skills for the assignment. That is why you should be more detailed in your descriptions than if you were writing a standard resume.
  8. Use a couple of real-life examples of the results you have achieved. If you can specify your results in percentages or in profits it is a big plus. Using success stories is an efficient way to get the attention of prospective employers.
  9. The saying “Practice makes perfect” is timeless. You need to practice making a great profile. Write and re-write. Many times. Ask at least one person you can trust to read your consultant profile and ask for feedback.
  10. Use a GOOD photo. It shouldn’t be too stale or too relaxed. Dress appropriately. You should have a positive look. Use a neutral background.

Last but not least, write in a comprehensible way – there is no need to make it hard to read. Avoid long sentences to reduce the risk of silly grammar mistakes. And don’t forget to spell check your profile!

Guest blogger - Birgitta Möller, Professional CV-writer

Birgitta runs the company www.cvhjälpen.nu where she helps individuals write CV, Personal Letters and LinkedIn profiles, in Swedish or English, according to the motto: "Make sure your profile will set you apart from your competition". In addition, Birgitta lectures on LinkedIn and CV writing.

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