Increase growth with sub-contractors and partners by creating your supply chain of external competencies.

The arena of possibilities consists of building, communicating, packaging, and acting on business opportunities together with partners and freelancing sub-contractors.

Cinode simplifies our efforts to match the right partner / subcontractor to our customers. We have received the right system support for the good network of partners we have built up.

Through better and more collaborations and shorter lead times, we also grow in our partner business.

Increased growth with partners and sub-contractors

Your collaboration with partners and sub-contractors is made easier. Regardless if you supplement a current delivery with external skills or if you run a pure partner business, you get seamless management for employees, sub-contractors, and partners.

Create your network and manage requests

Invite your contacts and create your own ecosystem for success. You can effortlessly manage requests to partners and select the appropriate consultants among incoming responses.

Your partners are notified of requests and can access relevant information about the assignment. Then they can quickly respond using their own partner page.

Make sub-contractor business easier

Your sub-contractors can be matched to your assignments. The sub-contractor can show his or her availability and experience. Contact details, rates, and assignment history are gathered from the sub-contractor business

Bundle your sub-contractors to the end customer in your customized consultant profile template.

Partner Management

Invite your partners and sub-contractors as a part of your own ecosystem. You get a complete overview of all your partner relations, including statistics and status.


Package sub-contractors using your own consultant profile templates. Enable them to signal their availability and new experiences.

Notify Assignments

Manage your requests using pre-defined distribution lists. You get clear advertising of your requirement profile where you can also add attachments and prices.

Respond to business opportunities

Your partners are notified of requests and they can quickly respond to it using their own partner page. On this site they can also see work history and assignment status.

Manage several competence pools

Optimize your resourcing plan by seamlessly mixing your employees with those of your partners and sub-contractors.


Cinode can be connected to and integrated with your other systems.



Present your company, connect to others and take part of public and private requests!

Yes its free!


The skills within the company gathered, searchable, and accurately packaged.

19.9 €
2-529.9 €
6-1079.9 €
11-15129.9 €
16-20179.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Read more...

Skills + Business

Skills + Coordinated CRM and utilization planning.

149.9 €
2-599.9 €
6-10199.9 €
11-15299.9 €
16-20399.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Read more...

Skills + Business + Partner

Skills + Business + You and your sub-contractors and partners grow together.

179.9 €
2-5199.9 €
6-10349.9 €
11-15499.9 €
16-20599.9 €
Price per month at intervals of users. Valid for annual payment. Get started

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