Why Cinode?

About Cinode

Why Cinode?

Digitization, gig economy, and specialization challenge today's employer market, where competence becomes central and the form of employment secondary. Access to the right skills at the right time is now crucial to achieving success. Flexibility, partnerships, and transparency create growth.

Today, companies are missing opportunities because they have not identified their collective knowledge. Available skills are lost.

We are Cinode, a platform to identify, visualize and match skills. Our vision is to change how talents are matched with the right challenge - within and between companies - so that everyone has the same opportunity to make their talents and ambitions visible. We demystify the full value of your skills.

Welcome to Cinode #demystifyyourskills


Creating the leading Skills Management Platform that enables companies and people to connect their skills – wherever they’re found.


The world’s best teams are created and connected by Cinode.