How Will AI Impact the Consulting Industry?

Part 2: Q&A

Over 400 participants joined the last webinar in May about how AI will impact the consulting industry. Missed it? Download it for free!

The questions flooded in—now you have a new chance to hear the best questions about how AI impacts the consulting industry addressed in the upcoming webinar!

The webinar will include answers to:

  • ✅ How can we enhance productivity and creativity for consultants using AI while still addressing privacy and IP challenges?

  • ✅ What is needed to be a successful hybrid consultant?

  • ✅ How to explain to a client that Use Cases are done differently with AI?

  • ✅ What is the future of business models in consulting?

  • ✅ How will AI benefit the effectiveness and bottom line of a consultancy?

You will also have the possibility to asking questions during the webinar.

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