The competence supply engine that enables your expansion. This is where you stock up on new recruitment or external collaborations.

The recruitment process is now clear and transparent, optimizing your operational and strategic growth.

Our recruitment pipes with searchability on candidates' skills give us the overview we need to get the right people.

Onboarding has been simplified. Already during the recruitment process, we are fully aware of the competencies of the recruits, matched to the right challenge. This way our new consultants quickly get out on their first assignment.

Håkan Mildh Svensson, founder and region responsible Berotec

Recruitment as a natural part of your business

This is where you gather all relevant data about your candidates. Your recruitment pipelines become a natural part of your business as you can quickly and effortlessly match talents’ skills directly to your business opportunities.

Cinode interweaves our feeds for recruitment, skills development, and sales – and there is great potential in a holistic view. Our goal is to work long-term on developing consultants\’ skills while simultaneously acting quickly on business opportunities. This is what Cinode enables us to do.

Carl Johan Bernadotte, Vice president and Sales Manager Lexicon IT-konsult.

Find the right talent in all channels

Potential talent can effortlessly find you through various channels and apply directly on your website, or be invited by you – all channels lead them into the correct talent pipeline.

Using Recruit enables you to see the number of candidates in all phases with tagged skills. With Recruit you ensure the future supply of skills and competence.

We now have an overview of both our own employees and upcoming candidates, enabling our sales staff to always have a complete view of all available skills.

Jörgen Nilsson, CEO byBrick Development

Efficient on-boarding and profiling

As part of your recruitment process, talents create their competence account without any hassle. Both you and your talent get a smooth onboarding process and accurate profiling for the first assignment. Both your recruitment and your internal communication with candidates will become coordinated and easy managed.

We can now quickly create a consultant profile for our clients as early as in the candidate phase. It is also convenient that we can convert the candidate into an employee or a sub-contractor with the click of a button.

Mikael Olsen, CEO Accelerated Growth

Candidate Management

Search and find candidates using their name, skills, rating, and availability. Match to sought after skills and define your own recruitment processes. Gather interviews and activities with the associated documents.

Pipeline Management

You get full control of your entire recruitment process and all your candidates.

Competence Account

Let candidates manage their skills and experience by themselves. Efficient and accurate bundling of attractive consultant profiles.


Talents are invited or found online and can apply directly to you.

Candidate Matching

You can also match your assignments to your candidates.


Cinode can be connected to and integrated with your other systems.

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