How to Build and Maintain an Equally Competent Team

Sep 27 2021 · Skills Management

Written by: Regi Publico

The success of any business lies in how it can function as a team. A good team will allow work to be done more efficiently, grow the business and thrive. Professionally working as a collective can make the impossible happen!

A great team starts with hiring people who can work well together, understand the company’s goals, and respect the hierarchy. Once you have the right people in place, the goal is to bring them together into a team that can collectively produce great things.

High-performing teams require careful cultivation from the team leader, who should work with team values, goals, and ethics. Here’s how you can build and maintain an equally competent team.

1. Establish the goals of the team

You can create a mission statement and strategic plan to reflect the vision you have for the team. This will give your employees a clear idea of their role in helping how to pursue a goal. You should ask yourself: does my team have a shared vision and do we work well together? Asking these questions to yourself will help you better evaluate the people you currently employ.

One key thing to remember is that you should manage the process of setting goals and values. You may want to get your team’s input on how they currently view the team and their goals.

2.  Encourage self-development

Give your team a challenge so they don’t get bored & continue to strive for success. They should never just be content with how well they do – always aim for progress and compete against their records. When employees compare themselves with previous efforts they can identify what they need to work on and how much further they can go.

As the team grows, they will need to continuously raise the bar for themselves. For them to be their best, they need room for growth, new challenges, and more responsibility. Encouraging them to surpass their current capabilities will help them achieve their full potential.

3. Provide training and development

When you are building a team, it’s important to have trust in each other’s skills. All team members should be assured that their contribution to the goal is important. This will help the team achieve more together. However, over time your employees should work on improving their skills as well.

As the leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are happy and satisfied with their work. One way people can improve themselves is by encouraging learning. This may be done by collaborating with other employees at the office, or by participating in training or company culture events. Learning about the company and its work culture can help people feel more connected and invested in their job, which leads to higher productivity and a greater sense of camaraderie.

4. Give honest feedback

The most valuable thing a leader can give to an employee is their honest opinion of the job they’re doing. It is common among employees to want to feel like they are contributing members of a winning team. However, employees both need appreciation as well as upright feedback about where they can improve to perform well.

A workplace that is excessively positive or negative will likely result in dysfunction. Not appreciating employee’s efforts and too much negativity can make workers feel inadequate, worthless, and depressed. While an excessively positive environment where employees are not allowed to voice their concerns or disagreements can make them feel like they are not taken seriously or valued, leading to burnout and dysfunction. That is why it is important to keep the balance when to give feedback for good work and when to call out for improvement.

5. Cultivate good connections within the team

Team members are the backbone of every organization. They are the ones who help your company achieve its set goals, but it’s not always easy to keep everyone motivated and on track. Even if you have a great team, at some point there will be some issues that will arise. It’s important to remember that team members need to care for one another.

It is important to make a conscious effort in encouraging employees to see their colleagues as partners, not just workers next to them. Let them realize that they can work for their success and do good for the team at the same time.

6. Have an open communication

Strive to prioritize employee experience by communicating more with your team. In addition to conducting meetings, it is important to make sure everyone feels emotionally safe and included. This includes showing support and looking out for others, giving people plenty of opportunities to participate in decisions, and offering help where necessary.

Supporting each other in a workplace, amongst friends and colleagues is often the key to success. And in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, it’s important to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to be successful.

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun. She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.

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